Belarusian bureaucrats of sanctions by the U.S.

"I thought that the Ministry and the U.S. money management this country interested only in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Of attention to my personality was warm at heart, "- said the head of the Minsk riot Yuri Podobed. He categorically denies the presence of his property and money accounts in the United States. Podobed Yu expressed his willingness to give his property, if it exists in the United States," the minister personally money U.S. President George W. Bush. "" I believe it will benefit them, "- said the head of the Minsk riot police.

Head of council public organizations Ministry of Justice Oleg Slizhevsky referred decision of the U.S. authorities, "absurd" and added that they do not like any concerned.

Previously against some Belarusian officials were introduced EU monetary sanctions. In the list includes Alexander Lukashenko and 35 other top Belarusian officials responsible for violations of international electoral standards and pripiranie civilian society, yes persecution of the opposition in the March 19 presidential election 2006.
According to this decision were frozen all identified accounts and assets in EU countries, either directly or indirectly associated with the following Belarusian bureaucrats:
1st Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, 2. Gennady Nyavyhlas, head of the presidential administration 3. Natalia Petkevich, Deputy Managing presidential administration, 4. Anatoly Rubinov, deputy head of the presidential administration in charge of ideology; fifth Oleg Proleskovsky, assistant president and managing ideological control Administration of the President, 6. Alexander Radkov, Minister of Education; seventh Vladimir Rusakievich Minister disk imaging; eighth Viktor Golovanov, Minister of Justice, 9. Zimouski Alexander, chairman of BTRC, 10. Vladimir Konoplev, chairman of the House of Representatives; eleventh Cherginets Nicholas, head of the commission of the Council of the Republic, 12. Sergei Kastsyan, head of the commission of the House of Representatives; thirteenth Misha Horde, member of the House of Representatives, a favorite BRYU; fourteenth Nikolai Lozovik, secretary of the Central Election Commission; fifteenth Peter Miklashevich, Attorney General; sixteenth Oleg Slizhevsky managing department of public associations and parties Min» ; Ustou 17. Alexander Kharitonov, a consultant of the department» Ustou Min, 18. Evgeny Smirnov, first deputy chairman of the Supreme Economic Court, 19. Hope Reutskaya arbitrator Metropolitan District Court of Minsk, 20. Nikolay Trubnikov referee Partyzanski District Court of Minsk, 20 first Nikolai Kupriyanov, Deputy Attorney General, 20 second Stepan Sukharenko, Chairman of the KGB, 20 third Vasily Dementey, first deputy chairman of the KGB, 24. Leonid Kozik, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, 20 fifth Kalyada Alexander, chairman of the Brest Regional Election Commission, 20 second Vladimir Mikhasev, chairman of the Gomel Regional Election Commission, 20 seventh Leonid Lucina, the chairman of the Grodno Regional Election Commission, 20 eighth Igor Karpenko, Chairman Minsk City Election Commission, 20 ninth Vladimir Kurlovich, chairman of the Minsk Regional Election Commission 30. Snowstorm Nicholas, chairman of the Mogilev Regional Election Commission, 30 first Misha Pischulenok, Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Election Commission, 30 second Sheiman, Chairman of the Security Council: 33. Dmitry Paulichenka Spetsnaz brigade commander, 34. Vladimir Naumov, Minister of Interior, 30 fifth Lydia Yermoshina, CEC Chairman, 30 second Yuri Podobed regiment commander police special purpose.

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