Belarusian delegation met opposition in the U.S. Congress

Democrats, are presently have the majority of the U.S. Congress, no differences with the Bush administration and the Republican Party on policy towards Belarus, — such a conclusion is made favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka after talks in Congress:
Vecherko: "There is a consensus. One of the major issues during a meeting with the new head of the Helsinki Commission of the Congress Elsie Gestynsam just was this question: Is there then exchanged in-nibudt policy of Belarus at the latest Democratic majority in Congress. Sovereign Gestyns assured us that nothing will be completely changed. Democracy Act Belarus was initiated, by the way, both Republican and Democratic deputies. Sovereign Gestyns appreciates this act. "
Gestyns Emperor, who was at the presidential elections in Belarus as the supervisor, expressed the conviction that the part of the Russian Federation is now the crackdown against Belarus, which has nothing to do with padshturhovvannem Belarus to democratic development.
Accomplished as a conversation with former U.S. ambassador to Belarus Michael Kozak, who is currently responsible for the issues of democracy, Human Rights and international affairs at the National Security Council.
Vecherko "salting Kozak read to us about the situation in Belarus in general and democratic forces. Doubt that the sovereign Kozak is not simply interested in Belarus, but makes it with animation, he loves our country. Incidentally, it is not removing the white-red-white bracelet. "
Vyachorka in Washington proposes to create and widely publicize positive assistance program from Belarus subject to democratic demands — South American analogue of the document of the European Commission. Anatoly Lebedko proposed to initiate a congressional hearing on Belarus in connection with the latest foreign policy and economic situation. Ira Kozulin urges U.S. to again and again raise the issue of release of political prisoners in Belarus.

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