Belarusian Jews celebrate Purim

The Jewish house gathered many people. There was music. People were treated triangular buns with poppy seeds.
Prazdnichka Purim story begins in the IV. before our era in the old Persia. Chief dignitary king Ahashverosha Oman decided to exterminate all the Jews in the country. This was one of the managing vyznat Jewish community Mordechai. He went to his own niece Esther, who was the wife of the king, so she asked him to cancel the decree. Esther hesitated, since no one in the palace did not know that she was Jewish. Go to the king uninvited too unsafe. For it can be a death sentence. But she made their own choices. As a result, the governor ordered to hang Haman, and has permitted the Jews to make their self-defense squads and take revenge on his enemies.
If in the synagogues during the reading of the Megillah called Haman’s name, people start to make noise. Some write his own name on the soles of shoes and stomp their feet. In today need to drink as much wine, so that people could not hear the phrase "blessed Mordechai" or "Accursed Oman." Now in a Jewish home in Amana Yuri Starastsinetski outfits. He was born and spent his childhood in the Ukrainian town of Vinnitsa.
Starastsinetski: "I still remember from childhood, my mother, her bright daughter and my family prepared some sweet treats. They were and buns with poppy seeds. Was stuffed fish and other smakotstse. But I, as a child, was a consumer and meaning prazdnichka not know. So what was thenand time! Nothing advertised. I performed the role of Haman second Purynshpil. To be honest, at first I hesitated because the holy name of Esther and because my mother’s name. But Purim from the word pur — lots. I reacted with irony, they say that it is my pur-Purgen. "
Managing cultural programs association "Hesed Rakhamim" Misha Galperin said about prazdnichkom Purim.
Halperin: "The main thing that people have fun and remember that no matter how there are incident even if war or threatens destruction to our people, but he always has the belief that everything is complete and in the end he will win. Buns — it so called Haman’s ears. They have a triangular shape, and certainly with poppy seeds. Title of these biscuits gomentash Yiddish at which they say Belarusian Jews ".
March 7 celebration complete production of "Theatre of Shadows." In the play, young people with disabilities will participate with special needs.
In the photo: Yuri Starastsinetski outfits in Oman.
In the photo: The head of cultural and educational programs combining "Hesed Rakhamim" Misha Galperin.

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