Belarusian language advertising — prestige and proximity to the consumer


In the conditions of market relations in the Belarusian language in advertising sometimes turn a variety of customer. First, the 1990 patriotic judgment only on the Belarusian language reklyamavali their products, companies such as "Sotvar" and "Dainova". At the moment only in Belarusian presents its alcoholic products company "belp." At times, you can create and hear Belarusian-advertising brands such as "Reno", "Adidas", "Galina Blanka", "Nescafe". But more turn of the new millennium, the Belarusian language keeps consulate company "Samsung". Representative says "Samsung" in Belarus Lena Rantsevich.
Rantsevich: "For us it is a fashion course, and we believe that the Belarusian language is very elitist, and it does not have everything, and those who have, consider it a great honor for — read in the native language of the mother. Second reason that we want to show that we are acting locally, we’re here next to our Belarusian customers. "
Speaking of language proficiency, spices distinguish speech from classical literary language. According to the views of the organization managing the Minsk Belarusian Language Society Lena anise, the level of advertising language is dependent on a motivated group of potential customers:
Anisim: "There are a number of sociolinguistic research that can determine the people who do not have the literary language. Products companies such as" Samsung ", they primarily focus on people rather advanced, ultra-fast time. And in any case prepared mentally and educational. "
One of the arguments of the enemies of the Belarusian language in advertising — people are in Russian information space, and can not fully understand the meaning of words. According to the views of representatives of one of Minsk marketing companies, the risk exists and is necessary to correctly determine the target audience:
Man: "If scientists, if this youth … If this is a lively audience, I think, that the Belarusian language: good means of communication with the audience. If it is more limited audience — the elderly or the military, for example — are likely certain dangers. "
Implementation of the companies that advertise themselves in Belarusian, not fall, and grow slowly. Is there a connection between the growth of sales and advertising language? Next Lena Rantsevich:
Rantsevich: "It was a unique publicity stunt. We want to stand out in the market of outdoor advertising. Wish that we immediately saw. Because risked advertised on whiteRussian language. But I would not say that there is a smooth relationship between sales and advertising of Belarusian. Prestige of our brand has increased. "
Meanwhile, the number of companies with one way or another periodically advertise themselves Belarusian language remains insignificant of the total registered in Belarus.

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