Belarusian MPs have found friends in Sudan

Political scientist, chairman of the Belarusian Schumann Society Igor Lyalkov recalls that democracies avoid maintain business with Sudan. And explain why this is so:
Lyalkov: "This, of course, specific country, whose government asks more outside contacts, which the court had very limited. This is one of the states which can be attributed to rogue states. And because contacts with the Belarusian regime, which is also, unfortunately, belongs specifically to this category — natural zeal rogue to be closer to each other so as not to feel alone. "
Past Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Sannikov characterizes as Sudan One of the most troubled countries in the world where up to This time dictatorship reigns and killed huge numbers of people. In his view, if the Belarusian management really wanted to review the cases of the West, it would be to find a method to abandon diplomatic visit Sudanese delegation. Even if this trip planned in advance.
Sannikov: "With one side, we hear statements that it must friends with Europe, to develop business with international organizations that are built on the principles of democracy and respect for human rights. On the other hand, lasts from unsafe countries — such as Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea. This means that there are no configurations which could to wait for the result of the interpretation of policies that led to the crisis, we do not litsezreem. "
Igor Lyalkov pays attention to the fact that the management of Belarus and Sudan in contact very often. You can also mention the visit to Belarus in 2004 Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, and a trip to Sudan Ministers Maltsev, Naumova and others. Political analyst notices that This time Sudanese delegation will meet with Alexander Lukashenko, and with Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev:
Lyalkov: "It is hard, of course, to say how much more ammunition guns remained in Belarus. Belarus strongly But many professionals and abilities for service and repair of instruments that they sold earlier. And when you consider that in Sudan time has sold a lot of guns specifically Belarus, looks completely logical that technical service and repair can be carried out by the Belarusian side. "
Sudan — the largest country on the African continent. Since 2003 in Darfur last government troops clash with insurgents. According to professionals, there has already killed more than 200 thousand people. Two million inhabitants of the province were required to leave their homes and become refugees.

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