Bronx Couture project started in Minsk with V.Yudashkina

See the highest fashion not every pocket. Ticket Prices with place — 260 thousand rubles. And tickets without seats — 170 thousand rubles. More than 150 spectators watched the parade of models on a 15-meter podiyu. This is only the beginning of the "Bronx-couture." It is planned that in Minsk will bring recognizable designer collections. Became the first designer Valentin Yudashkin.
The collection was shown in Milan and St. Petersburg: odezhki urban, casual, unique handmade dresses — kutsyurnyya, evening. In Minsk collection showed no configurations. In that way it was shown in Europe.
At the end of the show on the podium went Valentin Yudashkin:
"I am honored to congratulate all happy, ladies, ladies lovers, with the upcoming March 8. I am very sensitive to days of this. Thanks to you, that you have come, fortune, and I think that is not the last time "- said couture» is
Every effort to come to Valentin Yudashkin were in vain. Backstage not let security. Costumes collection carried in large bags. In the end, Yudashkin in a fur coat, surrounded by bodyguards rapidly passes through the hall. Answer questions he does not have desired.
Recently the show was a press conference at the hotel "Minsk". Who of recognizable politicians or other people of Belarus Yudashkin wears? That’s what I asked the designer.
"Wear politicians — nepriznatelnoe business. Dame in politics is not enough. House is open to all" — said Yudashkin.
After showing the collection "Gardens of St. Petersburg" to the public — a buffet with martini.
"It was for I was very new. I beheld such a huge fashion show. For nearly an hour to look at the beautiful, beautiful ladies in wonderful attire — it was very curious. "
Accustomed such fashion in Belarus? I ask those who beheld collection Valentin Yudashkin. "She’s here already exists, but not for everyone. Belarus lot oligarchs, they simply illegal. This fashion to a higher authority. Such seems to be illegal."
"I looked with pleasure show, Yudashkin saw. But that demonstrated a collection of 3 or four years ago. From the trunk. This outline, and not some thing ready, judging by the quality of fabric."
"Certainly, it is very not cheap. "
"There may be a belief that the public is not Minsk is very luxurious."
"Very fine clothes were. Think which can be wear for anniversaries, proms. "

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