BSSR Constitution 1937: Art. Eighty-second Sudavyadenne BSSR conducted in the Belarusian language

"Lim" in 1937 prints the text of the Constitution of the Byelorussian SSR: "Art. Eighty-second Sudavyadenne BSSR conducted in Belarusian language with provision for persons not vladayuts this language, fully apprised of the case through an interpreter, the right to address the court in their native language … "Art. 100:" … the citizens of the Byelorussian SSR are guaranteed by law: a) freedom of speech, b) freedom of the press, c) freedom of assembly and meetings, d) freedom of street processions and demonstrations. These rights people zabyaspechvayutsa providing workers and their organizations printing presses, streets, communications facilities and other physical criteria necessary for their implementation. "
Leonid Jekel in 1987 a week before the opening of the XXVIII Congress of the Komsomol writes in "Banner of Youth", "breaking of the ordinary, that has outlived itself — is not easy compromises minor concessions by which something moves, shuffled, but in fact nothing changes. This mercilessly sincere struggle that elusive scraper must purge from the minds of people, their actions all that is covered with musty abyvatalshchyny that sprouted weeds samazaspakoenastsi and indifference that bubbles want to give out for real … "
"Narodnaya Volya"Year 1997. Ryhor Baradulin expressed followed as follows:" I was not involved in the party, and letters of support or protection authorities did not sign. However, for all my life one letter signed by all the same. It was under Gorbachev: in defense of whiteRussian language. Existing regime will not last forever. He will end at some point. And I would be curious to see how these subscribers and padlizaly will look into the eyes of his contemporaries. Or just in the mirror … This mode does not help out any letters. And I, if I had signed such documents, and later, apparently, and it would be difficult to breathe and shameful. "

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