Buraukin: We need to fight for the victory of democratic principles

Buraukin: "I am very willing to believe in what we listen to, to those who came to this meeting. Very willing to believe, because the call we had one — in this situation, which is in Belarus, which is in the democratic movement must be discarded some trifle, some personal motives and bring everything to ensure that together, as we have the forces to fight for the victory of democratic principles. For me it is to say it again, I saw here at the meeting. But, unfortunately, I have a feeling that some are not very nice to me and not very smart processes in the Council. Something they do not finish, because do not realize that only together can we count on anything. If we are not together, if you do not join our efforts, we have nothing to hope. For me, of course, that the congress of democratic forces could, in tribute to the preparation, play a very appropriate, timely and very significant role. "

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