Bush could answer Putin’s speech in Munich?

Roger Cohen offers the reader own answer President Bush’s speech on Russian President Vladimir Putin in Munich, at the international conference on security, if Bush wanted to speak to that same sincerity as Putin.
By Roger Cohen’s views, the answer Bush could be:
"Vladimir, I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to express their worldview. You are outraged by NATO’s expansion, which covers the former vassals of the Russian empire. You can see in this "severe provocation" and drawing new dividing lines in Europe. Do you think Our homeland that — the purpose of this maneuver.
Our homeland, Vladimir, a large, but the memory and history — more. You have forgotten Hungarian sufferers in 1956? You passed the Prague Spring, which was 12 years later? Maybe with your memory stserlisya Russian tanks and Russian covert police who enslaved peoples of Central Europe?
…If you have a problem with the expansion of NATO, try to look at it as an act of prudence, as a guarantee of the people, which had in need — never to be managed and controlled against their will, or as the payment of debt European to human dignity which was sold at the far already Yalta.
…Can be completely sure your self-confidence and rudeness are not recent over natural tricks once majestic power, the army and the population is decreasing; ploy recently elections, for which you will need to demonstrate nationalist muscles; ploy that against the background of reduced impact in the world and the influx of petrodollars allow dreams again seize big club?
You look slightly blind, dear Vladimir, when it comes to events in your own country. You criticize the legal system impose on the world of the 1st countries — the U.S. — but do not ask yourself what the legal system allows the killers of Anna Politkovskaya act with impunity …
…You praise the peaceful transformation of the Russian regime and perceive it as a "political culture of, as respect for democracy and the law." Changes in Russia, its entry into the world economy and its liberalization really was a huge achievement of the past 15 years.
We are proud that they were your partners in this majestic transition … Elections in your country next year will be a critical test configurations that you praise. "
That such beliefs by analyst "The New York Times" Roger Cohen could be the answer, George Bush, Vladimir Putin, if he desired to speak with that same sincerity as Putin in Munich.
In the photo: Russian President President Vladimir Putin, speaking in Munich

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