Bush: We will insist on ensuring freedom in Belarus

With all of this George Bush stressed that the U.S. "should help others (countries) to understand the blessings of liberty majestic, RIA" Announcements ".
Stating that his administration would pursue a "strong foreign policy"The head of the White House official said that one of these areas is the fight against corruption in zabugornyh countries." We challenged corruption wherever we find her, "said prezydentZShA.
Earlier, the U.S. administration imposed a ban on all defense supplies from the U.S. to Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Vietnam, adding them to the list of states to which the license for such supplies are no longer issued. In the "blacklist" are Belarus, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Vietnam, which prohibited the granting of licenses for defense exports, as Myanmar, China, Liberia, Somalia and Sudan, for which continues to operate "the arms embargo."

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