Buy a new telly Belarusian retired teacher can not — would hunger strike

For the current conversation, I chose to stately mail letters last week, in which students report to a greater extent on their own daily routine, about how their lives changed for the near future — especially in the last two months, when Belarus was in the new economic criteria.
I will begin with an overview of the message Eugene Tsvirko Slutsk. Student reports on what configuration should be in your own town.
"It began widespread lowering wages, increasing fines (almost all). Until then came here in Moscow! Director of Housing and Public Utilities issued an order who do not fit concluded contracts for garbage — 300 thousand rubles fine. Moreover, the penalty prescribed for violation of sanitary norms, although in reality no you did not break the rules.
Prices grow. Thousands of people will lose work as a result of the fact that the number of imposed restrictions employees for personal business. We are forced to take expensive and bad products just because they produced locally.
I indignantly vyznat about authorities willing to shell out a few million euros for the construction in Minsk golf course. Is that — a new hobby Lukashenko? Skates and skis is not enough? Either he believes that such makarom make life in Belarus, the same as in Sweden or Germany? "
So, sire Tsvirko, after, as lost profits from the export of petroleum products made from a cheap Russian oil, and how not to become cheapest kind Russian gas, the Belarusian authorities are faced with an abundance of economic problems. Government finds funds everywhere, and first in the pockets of their own people.
I think the new economic conditions and impact on the scale of the construction of various types of ice rinks, sports arenas and other pretentious buildings that are hundreds of millions of dollars and that can only allow yourself to a rich country. Similar construction to continue and further the criteria of today’s economic problems would be simply immoral.
Subject subsequent letters — Belarusian life of older people. There is a stereotypical view that most of them support the current power and completely satisfied with her condition. Especially since, that the average pension in Belarus if they believe the official statistics, the most highest in the CIS.
But essentially mood among the elderly Belarusian very different. Like their pensions. This — a letter from Borisov, from Ira Zarechnoj. Listener wrote:
"I am a former teacher, currently retired. On the money that I have earned, live hard. Eat The old and wears all. Purchase a new TV set or any other thing of retired teacher unreal — it would hunger strike. But next to us live nomenclature elderly people, and their life is totally different. They allow themselves to luxury cars, expensive things and much more.
I think you realize who I mean. This former bureaucrats, soldiers, policemen. That’s whom the country has a real concern. In 45 years, they have already retired. And anyhow, what not — 500-700 thousand rubles. After retirement, here using of old ties find themselves a good job. Pension plus salary — more than one million rubles. This has 300 thousand.
These so called "Elderly" second and third times married, give birth to babies. 45 years — this is the age when you have money. On their background, I feel a useless creature. I have higher education, 35 years of experience, and socially we are with them at all at different stages. Neuzh the Government believes it is commonplace in peacetime — detain own neck of 45-year-old men, only for what they wore pants lyampasami th guarded this regime?
And what is my fault? Is that I was not born a man and he was not a military or police officer? And what fate has not sent me a wife with epaulets? That’s such a sad list came out. I would like to know your outlook on this subject. "
My mom, who worked much of his life at the farm, Paul beet and potato digging, now receives a pension of 150 thousand rubles, Ms. Nina. She had huge breaks in seniority — malehankih kids do not have anyone to quit, and about a kindergarten in the village did not even have heard.
Moreover, wages in the village at that time (as, in general, and at the moment) does not go to any comparison with the fact that the government was paying (and pay) to some police sergeant who guards the door to the executive committee structure.
Comparing and analyzing these numbers and facts here, it is easy to guess how to achieve the highest average pension and not as much in common is that the average figure with daily life of millions of Belarusian older people who do not reach the level previously and is unlikely ever to endure. Such is the illustration of the life of the country, which the authorities announced socially oriented and fair.
Lyudmila Belkevych Salihorsk an "Freedom" written after she heard our live call anonymous listener who offered Milinkievich not engage in political activities, and make a burgeoning abandoned farm. Ms. Belkevych heard about writes:
"Killed our collective power can not let anyone — whether Milinkevich, Kozulin, Peter Klymuk or even the Ksenia Sitnik. Where we have abandoned collective farms? If such were, they joined their long, attached, or more simply — eliminated.
Creator calls advise carefully read the decrees, listen to public radio and watch BT. Then he learned that our agriculture is thriving. 93 percent of voters are satisfied and greater happiness for themselves unwilling.
And let Milinkevich not listen to these voices, and as before our civilization is in the civilized world, that the people who voted for him, proud of their elected representatives. "
I hope Mrs. Belkevych anonymous listener appreciate your sarcasm and irony. Especially if he lives in one of these collective and in fruitless expectations promised prosperity came to this conclusion on their own that should ensure the flourishing of the opposition (and personally Milinkevich) their work on the collective farms.
At the end of several letters listeners leave without comment.
We wrote Sigmund Bogutskiy from Lida:
"Equal to your radio is not. But I would like to appear on the air and such a transfer, I would refer to the" To live in Belarus, as it should. "What these individuals total capital? Who are these lucky? Whence and how they come from and how are they this capital and where a supplement? If possible, call the office and families these people and their sum. Would also like to know what others think about it students.
Also it would be good to find out why in Belarus to justice can attract at least some rights, but not the high-ranking bureaucrat? "
A piece of writing from Novopolotsk Leonid Broom:
"I know perfectly well, what’s happening we in Belarus, because I read the newspaper "Free announcements plus" and listen to "Freedom" and "Deutsche Welle". Criticize the stupidity that makes power, no desire — you know perfectly about their own. I — for free native Belarus, diligent and fair! "
And another letter, which created Viktor Baranov from Rahachou:
"I am writing to you in Russian, because you can still write in a state where whiteRussian language not needed? It does not sound any presidential administration, nor the government, nor in the meetings of the House of Representatives. Journalists municipal television and radio by 95 per cent as Russian.
Reverse example — Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia. There bureaucrats, parliamentarians, journalists should use the official state language of intercourse. And enjoy, even Russian. And in domestic relations no one is limited — though talking in Chinese.
Municipal TV stations in Belarus crowded than anything but public culture. Propaganda, ideology, primitive militants negligible soap operas, interminable sports reports … Why do I puff brains all this? I, an adult, hunting for something close to the culture an
d history of my people. "
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts. The program "Mailbox 111" airs every Wednesday and Sunday. Creator, you can write to the address

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