By truly Belarusian ladies went to Kiev

Belarusian Embassy in the capital of Ukraine picketed ladies from Belarus. Participants of the rally argue that the only way they can makarom bring to society and the authorities about their own dilemmas, mated with rights violations their loved ones. That’s what aspavyala participant shares:
Koshkin: "I — Tatiana Koshkin, Minsk. Failure brought me here. Fact, that in our republic is built twelve vertical power. President says the prosecutor, that was 100% raskryvalnasts. He descends from the top down and across the bottom is. In particular, in December — he "visyak" always finds someone "close". The same thing happened with my son — illegally convicted. Father in court they did not listen — says that he is "concerned" for his offspring. So I just say that the prosecutor was concerned — "hang" "visyak"! That’s for you and "wholly raskryvalnasts" We in the Constitution says that people have the power, but people Nat no power and does not have any rights! A mess we — I can grab for one minute, hands twist, drop — and I will be "dignified offender" …
To This time ladies tried to hold similar events in Minsk, but did not receive permission from the city authorities.
Yupko: "My name is Galina Yupko, Minsk. We give 50, wrote the application and tried to get permission to hold a rally in our Republic of Belarus. But we invented reasons thrice denied. Here I show the paper where we Minsk city executive committee denies. At the moment we have submitted to the tribunal on the Minsk city executive committee, and the tribunal will decide. "
Situation prakametavala Ekaterina Tkachenko, a spokesman of the Joint Civilian Party, who assisted in the preparation of the action:
Tkachenko: "Belarusian ladies appealed to the United Party for civilians informational assistance. And some of the ladies I heard a very exciting thing: they know what they were once before, when listening to the speeches Lukashenko, where he gave orders to bureaucrats to" deal "," drop " "punish" — they were satisfied, they it is very liked. But later they realized that the vertical, which for 12 years has built Lukashenko works such makarom: His orders, deflated by this vertical, beating up on the fate of ordinary people. "

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