C. Obrazovsky: performing discipline PKB

But that reads Communist Obrozovsky the decision of the United Democratic Forces regarding future role in campaign.
"I have this personal account eyes. Elections can no longer be considered valid because the authorities who use the opportunities provided to them by the people, the same people are humiliated. Can I negotiate with them? Some people already severed from the role in the elections, another separate soon. authorities have only one principle: Delhi, and dominion. "
Sergei Obrazovskomu — 49 years. He graduated from the Minsk Polytechnic, and after — the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute. He worked in factories in Pukhovichi region and Minsk. Married, has two sons-uh. Heads activities of the group, which opposes the construction of everybody in the village area of chemical plant Pukhavichy personal company "Bel-August."

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