Candidates will be removed from the BPF 23 September

"Due to the fact that none of the requirements of the party in power is not met, candidates from the BNF withdraw their candidacy on September 23," — explained to BPF activist Vladimir Labkovich. — We reserve the right, taking into account that our September 20th Saeima will reverse this decision if the government really show anything. While BPF Party remains the object of repression, which is constantly increasing. And our failure to register 2-main candidates Vintsuk Vyachorka and Ivashkevich there last straw. "
According Labkovich now Vyachorka and Ivashkevich going to file complaints against the refusal to register their candidates.
Deputy Chairman of the BPF Viktor Ivashkevich explained:
"Why do not we removed candidates now, although we have removed them now politically, we pronounced legally remove 23rd, that all registered candidates were able to use campaign abilities. Candidates and instructed to use the registration to bring the most people to our position. A legally remove our candidates from the election campaign not later than 23 th September. Someone may withdraw your candidacy earlier after, as he uses its right appearances on television and radio.
If the power suddenly senses that completely unlikely, and include all of our people, 338 people in the district commissions that they will restore the registration of our candidates, the Seimas of the BPF can consider it. And even if small, solitary, and not constructive configuration occur, then repeal the decision will be. "
BPF for a role in the elections recorded 20 candidates for deputies of the 25 nominated by the party. Yesterday during a press conference, Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina stated that more injured during registration BPF Party and PKB. Tags: elections, Vyachorka Ivashkevich BNF Labkovich

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