Carriers ambitions

Carriers ambitions
Putin discussed in Novo-Ogaryovo tasks Navy president criticized deadlines ships, vice permer Rogozin did not rule out the construction of aircraft carriers

Rearmament Russian Navy delayed, stated Vladimir Putin and requested within six months to remove the difficulties between the military and gun manufacturers for vehicles. To perform the state defense order is not hampered, the latest government program for 2016-2025 years re-transferred to the principle of «single contract», said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He also did not rule out that it will be carried out within carriers: sailors believe that their introduction into the Navy dictate ambitions of in the exploration of the Arctic shelf.

«Generally speaking, no good,» — Vladimir Putin said at a meeting on Mon Novo-Ogaryovo dedicated to upgrading the Navy. Delivery of new ships and weapons for the Navy delayed, Putin explained «acute problem» present Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov. The meeting was also attended by manufacturers — President of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) Vladimir Shmakov, CEO «Sevmash» Misha Budnichenko, first deputy general director of «Rosatom» Ivan Kamensky and others.

«I must say this frankly,» — quotes the president of the Kremlin press service. According to Putin, the delivery stalled for various reasons: it is inefficient interaction between organizations and municipal customers DIC disruptions in the supply of devices related companies, the lack of cooperation between manufacturing and design organizations, the poor quality of the supplied equipment.

Putin recalled that during the construction of the 1st series of ships 132 times refused appliances.

«I look forward to industry representatives of ministries and departments of certain proposals to improve the situation,» — said Putin. As explained after the meeting Rogozin, military and companies military-industrial complex were given six months to eliminate contradictions in teamwork.

Not keep up with deadlines and plans, according to Putin, developers arms for ships. «This is especially important for the head of projects», — said the head of the country. As decided at the meeting, the reason for the different rates of ships and weapons manufacturers for their first lies in the principles of the formation of the state defense order.

At the moment, the Ministry of Defense enters into a separate agreement for the creation of the ship and hotel — to create weapons for him. Rogozin said that this practice will be reviewed. «The future of a single contract,» — said Rogozin, bearing in mind that the contracts will be «an extraordinary place responsibility on the main performer for the fact that everything was ready to fit — and instrument, and electronics, and power units.»

Inconsistency in various stages of production and order — all this leads to delays in trials of new surface ships and submarines.

«However, the development and testing of a number of surface ships and submarines, as desired for their weapons, unfortunately, are tightened,» — stated Putin. He claimed «intensify» and quickly pass municipal customers missile project «Borey» — «Alexander Nevsky» and «Vladimir Monomakh» as head nuclear submarine «Severodvinsk».

With all of this with the commissioning of the latest generation technology, such as those mentioned missile cruiser and appears brand new problem — developmental delays coastal infrastructure, without which new items Navy fail to work. «Now I would like you to report progress of this work. At least where serious construction plans, something they have not yet seen «- said Putin.

Not so long ago, June 7, in the lack of coordination of military and vinyl manufacturers Rogozin former management in the face of the Ministry of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov. At the conclusion of agreements with the Ministry of USC prior management «weighed on shipbuilders.» As a result, the cost to the submarine went low. According to Rogozin, then, contracts between the Defense Ministry and USC for the construction of new nuclear submarines of «Northwind» and «Ash» in 2011 almost led to the breakdown of the state defense order. Military considered shipbuilders claimed inflated prices for court and sought greater transparency in pricing, but USC did not agree with this. Eventually, in 2011, agreements were signed in November in the presence of Putin.

With all this at a meeting on Mon Putin generally noted progress in the implementation of the state defense order.

In 2013, the state defense order «as a whole» made «not bad», is located 85% of the volume of tasks, Putin said.

Meanwhile in Russia begins developed brand new state program of armaments — to 2016-2025 years within which to apply new principles of arms production. This is also Rogozin said after the meeting. In the new state program will pay special attention to «modularity» — in other words, the new ships «will be developed solutions, implying the possibility of simplifying the assembly technology respective corvettes, frigates, cruisers.» With all of this expertise will be strengthened for orders and pricing on the part of Industry and Trade.

In the expert community transition to single contract considered correct but missing solution. «We need to do a lot of things, but for those 6 months that Putin gave to fix delays in the implementation of the state defense order, they can not be done» — said Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

Brand new state program and may include the construction of aircraft carriers for the Navy announced Rogozin.

Russian military for many years arguing they need to give the Navy aircraft carriers or else quite presence of nuclear submarines and cruisers, including aircraft carriers.

Proponents of the «American model» — naval aircraft carrier groups in the center — believe that this will allow the assembly to expand the zone of influence of the Russian fleet to the Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic.

But since the Russian military time focused on the development of nuclear submarines with nuclear missiles on board, which allowed the USSR secretly come to the shores of the United States and a nuclear strike. In this tradition, as hitherto many adherents. But in 2011, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov bent specifically towards the «American model» and visualization of danger (in other words, to show military might, not «watch» foreign shores «invisible» subs). Then the Defense Ministry has officially announced that the Russian aircraft carrier preliminary design must be ready before 2012, and it will be built at the expense of the state armaments program-2011-2020.

As long as the Russian fleet is the only ship to approximate its characteristics to the aircraft carrier — heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser «Admiral Kuznetsov». The ship was built in 1985 on the project 1143.5 «Merlin» and entered the fleet in 1991. In the air group, «Kuznetsov», attributed to the Northern Fleet, composed of 12 Ka-27 and 33 carrier-based fighter Su-33. In 2012, the cruiser will begin work on modernization, which is scheduled for the end of 2017.

Another heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser of the Northern Fleet — «Admiral Gorshkov» (to October 4, 1990 was called «Baku») — was sold to India in January 2004. (Under the new title «Vikramaditya» after completion it has become the flagship of the Indian Navy India — at this moment the ship is at the «Sevmash» and modernized for India by the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg.)

Supervising the defense complex Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the conflict over the Arctic shelf will go beyond diplomacy

1st aircraft carrier will be insufficient to Russian ambitions in chief, which he said in Severodvinsk in 2012, they say military explorers. Last year, Putin, namely, announced expanding its presence in the Arctic, where Our homeland is making plans of active development of the Arctic shelf. So, on the days of Rogozin said that Russian objects oil and gas in the Arctic may be subject to sabotage by foreign countries.

«Navy has to be an equilibrium, under any circumstances, can not be built only submarines or surface ships only. We have already passed the era of Khrushchev, «- said» «Admiral, the last commander of the Northern Fleet, the Murmansk Regional Duma deputy Vyacheslav Popov.

«Of course, questions of weapons justified problem which confronts the government of the Navy. If as before will dominate the view that we are the land and the value of the country — the border on land, in this case we do not need aircraft carriers. But if you follow the president’s statement in Severodvinsk, in other words, if we put the puzzle for resources, then we need aircraft carriers «- says» «captain of the first rank, head of missile and artillery Navy Vyacheslav Apanasenko.

As said Rogozin, July 30 meeting is planned with the financial and economic agencies, which will be determined by reference to the number of defense contracts in 2016 — the start of the latest state armaments program, for the period until 2025. In addition, it was decided to extend the plan to the Thirty Years’ perspective. USC immediately before the end of September will complete work on its development strategy on three 10-ka years, Rogozin said.

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