China is able to launch a nuclear strike across the U.S.

China is able to launch a nuclear strike across the U.S.
China goes to qualitatively new level in world politics. In late October the Chinese media, of course, with the filing of the authorities, spread information that Celestial has sufficient military power in order to launch a nuclear strike on the country specifically the United States. For ordinary Yankees this message became a sensation, his discussions are on television and on the pages of newspapers noble. But why China publicly announced their own opportunities to use nuclear weapon against the United States? After all, for U.S. intelligence is probably not a secret. And why did it Celestial indirectly, through their national media and not on behalf of the party management?

China is able to nuke the whole area U.S.

Love to figures

October 28 large Chinese edition of Global Times published an article titled «China», which dealt with the nuclear arsenal of China. Journalistic story was supplemented with photos of the submarine fleet of the country, graphs, diagrams and even schematic maps, marked likely places where nuclear strikes against the U.S. countryside. Least once great articles on the same theme released China Youth Daily, «Renmin Ribao» and several other publications. In addition, a report on China’s nuclear capabilities shown on Central Television. The next day almost foreign observers, first South American, Chinese media provided duplicated information.

If you believe the disk imaging, which is contained in the room from the Global Times on October 28, China at the present time has the second largest submarine fleet in the world. Armed with the Middle Kingdom — 70 submarines, four of them can carry ballistic missile JL-2 with a range of about 14 thousand kilometers. On one such submarine located 12 missiles; This is quite in order to destroy and hurt from 5 to 12 million people. Nuclear strikes from the Pacific Ocean will be inflicted on naikrupneyshim megacities West Coast, specifically in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and San Diego. If it is necessary to kill the town on the East Coast, China uses for this intercontinental ballistic missiles located on the mainland. Running through the North Pole, they will collapse on the New-york, Baltimore, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia. In total, the fears of nuclear war experience 10-12% of the inhabitants of the United States.

The question arises of how to present the information is reliable. Certainly, in the PRC have WMD delivery vehicles capable of generating a reverse ocean shore, but their numbers may be especially exaggerated. Fairly unclear what volume China’s nuclear arsenal. U.S. Department of Defense assumes that China has 50-70 ICBMs that even less than that of India or Pakistan. It is interesting that in 2012 the Ministry believed that China has 180-240 ballistic missiles. The very same party control of China in different years, makes a statement that the country has an arsenal of 200 to 400 ICBMs. How to involve observers from the U.S., Europe and Asia, these numbers can be very exaggerated.

For love of China to overstate known characteristics. More pleasant example of this is an artificial «growth» of GDP, when Chinese economists intentionally ran over to the latest GDP calculation formula, which allowed increment share of so-called «service sector», and at the same time increased the general characteristics. Chinese Bureau of Statistics overstate 2ifry order to strengthen China’s prestige on the world level. Syndrome «second place» is haunted by the management of the PRC.

Why America is silent?

U.S. citizens to learn about the capabilities of China, rebelled: why the government does not solve any response to such brutal statements? The fact that the Chinese did quite tricky published data on its own nuclear arsenal is not on behalf of the government or military. If the party or military control of the country in its own name openly stated that might just kill the United States, while Washington would respond to this diplomatic attack. But the press is impersonal, and no warrants that placed in the Global Times article corresponds to reality. Stupidly looked like Obama, if responded to the provocation and openly criticized the Chinese media! No hesitation, that the information on the eigenvalues ​​are state secrets, hit the print media and on television, with the knowledge of the authorities China.

On the other hand, the U.S. has long been aware of the abilities of China. Outside exploration and Ministry of Defense of the United States has long been «digging» under the PRC as a possible opponent for a new war in the Pacific. It is naive to assume that America in general there is no information about the nuclear capabilities of China; most likely, the Americans know about China’s nuclear weapons quite a lot and publication in Chinese newspapers for a narrow circle of insiders did not become a sensation.

You need to imagine that the measures needed to contain China, made a couple of years back. For example, in 2012, was presented the newcomer U.S. military doctrine, which refers to the escalating military presence in land and sea borders China. In the Pacific, is scheduled to make several airfields to base U.S. drones. The volume of purchases of UAVs increase: only last year U.S. forces have acquired about 1400 machines. Tremendous attention to the dilemma of cyberwar. Washington in foreign policy relies more on its own Far Eastern allies.

Newcomer «Fulton speech»

If the message can not be considered the Chinese media danger, how to interpret the true act of Beijing? You can imagine what a tremendous review article entitled «China» and placed in the Global Times — a typical manifesto that China expressed its readiness to confrontation with the United States. According to his own historical importance placed article has not yet achieves the level of «Fulton speech» Churchill, but in any case, under certain circumstances, can become the starting point of the cool of the Pacific War, but not outside the Pacific.

Why not be the global confrontation? How did the objection to opponents in the near future in the area of ​​economic interests in China has got not only East, and Central Asia, and Africa and South America. At the same time, Washington and its allies want to reformat these regions in its sole discretion, returning to the colonial policies of the 19th century. Repartition of the «Third World» was launched in 2011 when the Sudan seceded south and Libya invaded by NATO troops. In 2012, with the outbreak of war in Azavad weakened China’s position in Mali. Destabilization of Kenya and Nigeria also have a direct relationship to the ousting China from Africa.

As for Asia, China has severe differences with the United States over the coming political Pakistan and Afghanistan. China is seriously concerned about the presence of U.S. military bases in the region. U.S. currently intensively support Islamists Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Area, clumsily attempting to disguise the local pan-Islamic groups under the national liberation movement of nature.

In the Pacific, China has unresolved territorial disputes with many countries, occupying pro-American position. In addition, do not forget about the dilemma of Taiwan and Korea’s division into two parts: the two issues have not been resolved in the cool of the war between the Russian Union and the United States, and the current step for the PRC are of prime importance. After all, specifically because of pending civilian wars in Korea and in China in Beijing in Africa loses one «battle» for the other, giving the Euro-Atlantic neokolonialistam.

Along the Chinese coast from north to south stretches a large island ridge that hosts the country’s aggressive China — Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines. Yes, South Korea, too, can fully assume the island nation, as the border with the DPRK isolates it from the rest of the world is not terrible seas. These countries cover China access to the world ocean, and, if necessary, will be trans-shipment areas for delivery of foreign troops on the mainland. Before China worth task to ensure unhindered access to the country’s sea. The same problem of our homeland decided in the 18th century, when Peter I and Catherine II alternately defeated Sweden and the Ottoman Empire. China will not become a superpower, while the island countries of East Asia are true to the United States. As follows, the U.S. goal is to maintain stability and maintaining the highest prestige of the foreign land of the rising sun, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Beijing before that time did not dare to openly declare Africa and South America areas of their own economic interests, not yet overcome this geopolitical barrier. It is because of this, China is not in a position to intervene in African wars, ending the dismemberment and destruction of countries.

Apparently, the management of China is aware that an open war with the United States does not lead to a final deprotected coast, and therefore finds other means of access to the world’s oceans. One of them could be Pakistan, if not difficult mountainous terrain, lack of adequate infrastructure, potential prepyadstviya with India and nurture America Islamism.

So Makar, recent publications in the Chinese press is not worth taking as a signal to the global confrontation, as a warning that the U.S. intervention in a conflict with one of China’s aggressive Beijing regional countries can lead to unpredictable consequences. In coming to the other continents of the PRC will not go until you overcome at home. At the same time, given the neo-colonial policies of the West, «the battle of the fence» China wants to win as faster, and nuclear weapon would be a good argument in a dispute with the United States for the possession of the Pacific island countries.
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