Chinese class and will open in Grodno

Medic Philology Ivan Lepeshavu 82 years old, he has taught at the Institute of Grodno Yanka Kupala, preparing books, printed in the press to be independent. As for Belarusian language, he — a man encyclopedia. Belarusians hammered with youth in the head that is closest to their mother — Russian language, but it’s not true, says Professor closest — Ukrainian and read passages: the Belarusian more similarities with the Ukrainian than Russian.
Authorities sent not so long ago with a group of Polish priests Grodno region and nuns. Unofficially read: not to take over the church polonization. And that reflects on this occasion Dr. Gorbachevich?
Gorbachevich "I think, a great many of the priests in the church Belarusian led his sermons. No polonization of them I do not see no more. On the contrary, the threat of terrible Russification carried through and Orthodox priests, and by the authorities. And about the expulsion of Polish priests, is another attack. "
It became clear that the Chinese are going to open classes, not only in the capital, but even in the Grodno region, for example, in Lida.
Gorbachevich: "This study Chinese here in Belarus — some simply absurd. Example, British, German, Spanish, Italian — another thing. A Chinese — is, for sure, a continuation of the policy pursued by our government and the President with regard to China — friendship with China. About this had already happened in the 20s. "
Ivan Gorbachevich support the proposed reforms whiteRussian language. He notes that she had to be tolerant, its purpose — to eliminate a disparity that exists now in the Belarusian-language newspapers.
Gorbachevich "Myasnikovich President Academy, recommend to the Director of the Institute of Linguistics of the project to pass the President’s office: and Stalin time studied linguistics, and Khrushchev tried, maybe our president "bite" to it and approve this program from. And whereupon shift began, but that braked. "
Sovereign Gorbachevich believes vserasprostranennoy Belarus trasyanku impartial reality. Trasyanka may disappear when the Belarusian language would be really municipal, says the doctor. But whether he believed himself to such a prospect?
Gorbachevich: "No, I, you know, do not believe it. Pessimistic I thought about it. After 95-year language began to push all media, and it is, in fact, is in the process of extermination. Our institute For example, at the moment there is nothing of the Belarusian ".
Dr. Gorbachevich insulting jokes almost three centuries Belarusians then boiled in a cauldron polonization, then roasted in a pan Russification …

Photo: Dr Ivan Gorbachevich (left) in the literary salon TBSH.

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