Cholera in Gomel?

Despite the warning, spontaneous trade in Gomel near the train stations, on the streets of bravery does not stop. And people acquire not only industrial products, and products — cheese, milk, sweets, chocolates, canned sausage, river fish.

"Where necessary, there and buy. And that can live on a pension? If 5 times to go to the store, then the pension is not enough. What’s that added? Was added, and in all Magazyn 10 times more expensive, "- says Gomel pensioner.
Catherine says that seeks to take stock in the stores. But not always:

Pensioner, who doted not call my name, says that not only on the street, and the store can run into the low-quality products:

After the Chernobyl accident the local people used to partially different surprises. Even the radiation situation at the moment looks something extreme. Radiation on land sown grain, potatoes, other crops. In This year in the region reported a millionth threshed grain.
And the principal, that, for example, in the same area Khoiniki virtually all grain contaminated with strontium. Even scientists do not behold the radiation in particular failure. Outlook researcher of the Institute of Radiology AlexeiSamuseva

"Pushes potassium — and everything will be in order: cesium will lie in the ground. Already passed since 20 two years. Practically occurred lives. Already Anyway radiation decreases by half, even if we did not do anything. But we still do kontrazahady. Remained the problem of strontium, but not everywhere. If the field is infected 0.5 curie strontium, the grain goes into the boundaries of permissible levels. If where higher people tend not to sow. And local authorities must hold them back. "Tags:, Gomel, Ukraine, cholera

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