Church officials did not confirm the blessings of constructing the Suvorov memorial church

In the midst of the rest of the Exarchate message states that "Belarusian The Orthodox Church does not have in their own possession any documents that would testified, that the intentions and projects that link the building Kobrin Church of the Nativity with the name of Alexander Suvorov, Svyashchennanachallya receive blessings. "
The creators of the open letter referred to media reports that such a blessing gave Fund "For the preservation of spiritual heritage," the patriarch himself Capital and All Russia Alexy II.
By Exarchate, with Kobrin 2004 Church of the Nativity built to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, and thought to give the future status of the temple of the Suvorov memorial church "appeared later in the bowels of some Russian public funds and movements, and then was published in the pages of one of the Russian newspapers that was the reason for its citation and interpretation in other media disk imaging. "
Press Service reports that "represent the individual members of the clergy and laity of the town of Kobrin not intended and can not qualify for the status, which express the official position all Belorussian Orthodox Church "
Radio Liberty appealed to the Belarusian Exarchate to declare the official position of the Church authorities in building a temple in Kobrin discussion from the outset this topic in the media, but the official answer was given just now.

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