Construction of the temple cat Belarus Suvorov — tip mercantile haluizmu

Alexander, Smolevichy: "I wish to answer the question of the week: I think if I was European. Answer. Watching this circus, and in another life I can not call, looking at the head of the clown and the fact that it produces with his people, I do not consider myself a European and faster Venezuelans. So Venesuela lives! "
Svyatoslav field crop, Maladziechna "Kobrin means to build a church in honor of the Russian leader Suvorov. This so angered and offended … I do not know how to express it. This cat Belarusian people that blood strangled Kosciuszko uprising. Pride No, where are we go further? Who created this diabolical ideas do not know. I do not know what to do us … Have arrived! "
Man: "I must say Worldwide, Belarus dictator associates criminality incur as a despot. "
Man: "blessed construction of the temple in honor of Kobrin geek, ruthless, on whose orders were killing kids as well as Herod killed. Actually build this temple will not Suvorov and detazaboytsu-devil. I thank God massive that he warned us that we have such pastors who come to us wolves in sheep’s clothing, know their deeds. And this temple, the temple of the devil, the world will this accusation nyaboskay power nyaboskih rulers of darkness. "
Anastas Semenovich: "I am sure, as will be the new president of Belarus, Belarusian everyone would feel European. Standard of living through three or four years will be in Europe. We will be adopteds in the European Union, apart from this we perceive NATO. With Russia will sell if we have profitably. But not because it now. This work needed spend all 12 years, and not just rely on one Russian mafia. For this reason, we now find ourselves with nothing. I hope that Comrade Lukashenko eventually learns that without Europe and America, it has not come out of this situation. But we need to fulfill their language, in other words must we have a democracy. "
Larissa, Minsk: "We feel we ourselves Europeans? Certainly, we feel. Because we do not live in Asia, and in the center of Europe. Some time our eyes were focused on the East, to Russia, and because life was accordingly direction. Because state life such as it is. No conviction in the next day. But at the moment, something could change, and we will be more to look to the West and to take an example from the Western states. Belarusian hardworking people, it is only necessary to organize. Specially should raise agriculture and take an example from our neighbors. I mean Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. They overcame difficulties, so will the world. So we are Europeans. "
Maria, Grodno: "I wish to express outlook over the construction of a temple in honor of Suvorov in Kobrin. Know, it is a huge insult to our people. I think our forefathers we will not forgive it. And all questions regarding the construction of this temple must clean our Filaret. Let him answer for what purpose will be built this temple in Belarus. "
Lady: "I can not remain silent when in the town of Kobrin built a temple in honor murderers Suvorov. I appeal to all believers. Dear people, If we swallow this hook from Alexei II, then serve the devil."
Olga, Baranovichi: "Congratulations to all of our soldiers in the fields of political struggles. Your efforts Belarus still call the streets and squares named freedom.
As of false clusters will start to get tired homeland, Nadezhda heart fools! Youthful passion, experience tables, Soldier, Homeland dedicate! Her live her to be helped! "
Man: "What about the building of the temple in the name of the cat Kobrin Suvorov. Our authorities have forgotten Makiyavelli quote:" Lud, who long lived under the yoke of slavery and is in a state experiencing it loses the gift of God — love. Self pros and freedom, and acquires humility and servility. "Our government is to develop and strengthen, and hatred all Belarusian became part of the culture. Initially changed street names, demolishing historic buildings and neighborhoods in the cities, and now here’s temple … Why are you surprised? Haluizm have haluizm. A building of the temple cat Belarus — haluizmu mercantile elite. We lived for a long time under the yoke. And hunt again, so that we, like our forefathers, returned the gift of God. But people who wish to up from her knees and explain it to others — scumbags. We all need to climb Belarusians, collect signatures, so as not to build this temple. Thank you for your attention. "

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