Deepest: delegates are ready to abandon the role of the Congress of Democratic Forces

According to the views of members of BPF Yaroslav Bernikovich Congress without favorite democratic forces will no longer be obschebelorusskom forum and therefore will not solve existing problems of unification of the opposition.
Bernikovich: "If another halfyear reversed discussions began on Congress, not all activists Glybochchyny beheld the point in it. But, unfortunately, we have this one does not ask. All the same, we have collected hundreds of signatures required. But now the rules change during the game, after the failure of Milinkevich role in Congress, meaning to hold it disappears. No it is not Milinkevich Congress. There is such a thing as a "party discipline" and party members arrive. But it will not be the All-Belarusian Congress — it will Congress political forces. Because on present day we do not make sense litsezreem participate in this Congress. "
And Jaroslav Bernikovich and another with delegatka Glybochchyny Julia Buka participated in the last Congress Democratic Forces, which took place in 2005, the year in which Alexander Milinkevich was elected single opposition candidate for a role in presidential elections. Julia associate their memories from that forum with today.
Beech: "When I was delegatkay of Congress, I saw the power When I hear" Long live Belarus! "What I really think that you can still live, and that we really live to see any best times yes! .. A general . to me at the moment sent a questionnaire: "Do you think whether this Congress, and that he will decide?" And I wrote that this mindless waste of money, and that it will not solve anything. Milinkevich — is the politician which is more or less happy with me around, I would have supported it! But if Milinkevich utter that Congress we should not go, then I would be very pleased that he, too, came to the conclusion that he shares my thoughts, how there would be some not a bad deal, we all the same yes all found Unite! "
While delegates Glubokskaya not made a final decision on its own role in the future Congress, but they say they’re ready officially renounce his support for the position of Alexander Milinkevich.

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