Deepest: Orthodox priests fists learn things

About what happened knows local resident Faina Shevchenko:
Shevchenko: "We heard a roar in the church. Come look. There was Vyacheslav father of the church in Padsvilli Provost and Father Sergius. On Sunday there was a scandal, well, mon. "
As it turned out, the Orthodox priests from adjoining villages Glubokskaya tried to drive out of the temple abbot of Father Paul. Last assures that even struck his colleagues:
a.Paval: "Arrived, with no citation given. Yelled:" Give me the keys! "I knew nothing! pushed me. They violated. I would not let them. Locks beaten axes. So it is impossible. Was necessary clarify relaxed. Yet they went to another church. There doing the same. Why so? "
Explain the forced resignation of the priest I asked Paul Provost Polotsk diocese Father Sergius. He flatly refused. Other churchmen were also not talking. But we found out that the priest with his mother has repeatedly offered to leave the parish on their own. His blamed nepasluhmyanastsi, violations not only of ecclesiastical discipline, and legislation.
As believers responded to the scandal? Local resident Alla Maximchuk:
Maximchuk: "His earlier called, but he did not go. So let the writing said," You — released! But no one: arrived and began, and began … Our father did not know what to do. Priests put himself in such a light that I can not even imagine what could happen! "
But is criticized not only priests who with eyewitnesses paschali clash with Pope Paul. And gets himself a priest with his mother. So, ethnographer Vladimir Skrabatun proves that he voluntarily began to build next to the temple:
Skrabatun: "These buildings close perspective on the building itself — it is not visible. And it brought from villages farmhouses, which are put inside the church fence on its own foundations."
One house father Paul made almost at the grave of local believers Zinaida Shaurka. She took advantage of such authority in the village, that the priests, parishioners and the village council agreed to bury her in the churchyard. Father Paul was put on the grave frame — at the moment it just in the center of the coming home.

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