Denis Denisov faces up to 3 years imprisonment

March 2 activist Denis Denisov Vitebsk detention facility visited lawyer Peter Kovalenko. According to him, Denis Denisov was charged under Article 342:
"He is accused of organizing the actions violating public order and counter-power. Tipo This was reflected in the fact that they have prepared leaflets and posters and going such makarom to counteract. "
According to the lawyer, the actions that are prevalent in the Denisova, occurred on June 18 2006 in Vitebsk. Then a group of young activists from the organization "Bunt" tried to hold the opposition campaign. Activists posted white-red-white flag.
Criminal case against Denis Denisov in this episode brought in October last year. And Denis Denisov detained on February 16 in the train, which was traveling in Gomel. Initially activist detained in Homel remand, later moved to Vitebsk detention center number 2.
As said Lawyer Peter Kovalenko, related to Denis Denisov remand "Usually, on the bad conditions he does not complain." The lawyer said his client was not guilty. "We will seek configuration content for Denis" — said the lawyer Kovalenko. He believes that the protection of client prospects are excellent.

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