Deputies of the Czech Republic and Democrats met in Minsk, Belarus

New members of the Assembly deputies of local councils is more than 40 former and current opposition MPs. Interregional group headed by activist from the district center of town that in the Vitebsk region, Leonid Gorovoj. He told about the results of the meeting with the Czech delegation, headed by the mayor of a bed Kralove, MEP Aldridge Vlasak.
Gorovoy: "We are not only familiar with this book. Discussed the situation in Belarus after the 2007 local elections — it is a question to motivate our friends. Also states support the development of democracy in our country. Discussed the development of cooperation between the towns. "

Assembly deputies of local councils was founded by in 2003. Its membership includes more then 80 people from different regions of Belarus. In this year after local elections Assembly extended activities. Besides local councilors 24th convocation, it included all 12 nominees of opposition parties and movements that have gained parliamentary mandates.

In the Czech Republic about the same number of small towns, as well as in Belarus. But Czech have twin 1100, in including in the U.S. and Japan, and Belarus — isolated even from Europe. Why is this happening, says Assembly member local deputies Marat Afanasyev.
Afanasyev: "When I was chairman of the City Council Zhlobinsky in 1990-1991, we had such links. French city of Clermont-Ferrand. Its leaders came together with businessmen. Nicholas Voitenkov — past chairman of the Executive Committee, stated:" We have such applets in Every town do!. Was 55 pt. At Time wasimplemented on about 38 and. Now it vmyartsvili. "
How democratic deputies plan to develop their regions? What will then cooperation with Czech and other employees? Says deputy village council Luninsky Mosty district Alexander Pudovkin.
Pudovkin: "When I spoke, then to read this, we studied the experience of all local projects. How and what is happening there. Took what it must, to use. We will have to change their government. We all must be to this prepared ".

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