Dmitry Dashkevich in jail does not allow to use the facilities

Olga Dashkevich: "They’re somebody’s kids, their kids there too. Why can not afford?"
Belarusian human rights activists are going to nominate favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich candidate for the venerable Robert F. Kennedy Award. The award annually honor the brave people who sacrificed themselves, risking their lives, who are persecuted power. Nomination for the award Dmitry Dashkevich Robert Kennedy supported defenders Volchek, Lyudmila Hraznova Inna Cooley, Misha Shepherds, Harry Pahanyajla.
Mom activist Olga Dashkevich said that immediately write offspring in the colony about this announcement. According to the ladies, this extension — a great honor for the whole family Dashkevich.
The last letter home DASHKEVICH son learned that their offspring so far do not allow to use the facilities, which he sent relatives and friends back in Last year. Funds are in the account, but nothing on their purchase unreal.
Dashkevich: "Do not give it up This time means. Already written to him, let him talk to the heads of those, they’re someone else’s kids, their kids there too. Why not let? Let yourself be bought for any stocks in the prison shop, it is unhealthy stomach. "
Father P.Severintsa on commission does not trust
On this week Commission Correctional Facility Novapolatsk must see deal activist Paul Sevyarinets about his parole. But the meeting did not take place, it is postponed to next week. But Father activist Konstantin Seviarynets on this commission is not particularly trusts.
Seviarynets: "On February 20, Paul already causing there to Novopolotsk, and will consider his parole. But, said the chief of the correctional facility, no prospects. For he did not" on the road to reform. " And that means, no one knows. "
M. Statkevich up to the events of March one of the prisoners unleash
By order of the control of the country in the ministry Interior began to prepare documents to amnesty prisoners who did petty crime. Observers have estimated the chances of premature release of political prisoners on amnesty. Some believe that the greatest chances are Statkevich, Artur Finkevich Paul Seviarynets Catherine Sadovskaya.
Statkevich, but amnesty trust not much — on As the last, to the events of March, he convinced anyone of political prisoners unleash. Artur Finkevich convinced that political prisoners in general amnesty will not touch because they "were not on the path to reform." And this campaign is explained only by the fact that in jail is no place to accommodate more and more prisoners, said the activist.
Finkevich: "If This year not hold an amnesty, the must be build two new zones. I think there is no completely no political moment. "
This worldview about Artur Finkevich version that amnesty zagadannoy authorities first order to fulfill the demand of the West virtually release of political prisoners.
A.Kozulin continue to keep a separate mode
Former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin before March 1 will contain a separate mode: let him not to work, to receive special products in the store, very special for yourself to grow food. This administration has taken the decision after medical examination Alexander Kozulin: doctors decided that he had not yet recovered from the hunger strike.

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