Dmitry Dashkevich visited salting OSCE mission in Belarus

When salting CCO Peterson and employee OSCE mission met with Svetlana Senko Dashkevich, office was Deputy Governor of the colony.
Administration permit representatives of the OSCE pass Dmitry fruit. They promised that these kilogram not carry to subsequent transfer of food. Svetlana Senko said now parents about the visit, Ambassador Dmitry Shklou in jail.
Says Vyacheslav Dashkevich:
"So what about any policy they had read. Salting Just read Dmitri, that he is remembered. Says that he knew and did not lose hope for their case, although the offspring and so does not lose. Their recollection that he behaved very decently, even smiled. ask that parents were told that he had everything perfectly, so they do not bother. Requested hi who can pass. We are waiting for a letter from him. "
Zmitser Dashkevich — the only inmate who has three penalties for violationyl internal regulations bullpen. Parents were told about it in the Department of Execution of Punishment.
Vyacheslav Dashkevich knows that his son first got the penalty for being put on the vest when it was cool weather. Second — for being moved on a couple of minutes from the squad. About a third as long as nothing is clear.
By Procedural Executive Code, Dmitry currently can not apply for parole. In addition, unclear, it will fall under the amnesty.
Parents are allowed to visit Dmitri Dashkevich son four times a year, also get three long meetings. They rely behold it in April.

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