Do not be surprised if Milinkevich, Mushroom and Kaljakin receive ministerial posts …

Is likely in Belarus today criteria when foreign policy is in crisis and Minsk on the west, and east directions, dialogue between the authorities and the opposition? The answer to this question try to give his letters to freedom of many listeners of Liberty.
Here are the opinions expressed on this score from Sergei Belokopytov Nesvizha. A listener writes:
"At this point in Belarus such time that the opposition and the authorities have merged to jointly oppose the imperial aspirations of Moscow. Purpose at all one — protection of Belarusian independence. And I do not understand whythan presently continue to confront, to establish any mass protests. Protest against what? Under the motto "protect the sovereign Belarus?" That authority support this motto with both hands — how many times it has already been shown. Opposition could use this moment to stretch and power arm for cooperation. And I was taken aback would be if Milinkevich, Mushroom, and Kalyakin other moderate favorites opposition would get ministerial posts, and the opposition during the next parliamentary elections would shape his small faction in the House of Representatives. But this requires do something — for example, without abuse and violence suggest the authorities to conduct a "round table" to discuss how to jointly find a way out of the crisis ", —
wrote in his own letter to freedom of Sergei Belokopytov Nesvizha.
Many in the current Belarusian opposition divide either, sire Belokopytov point of view on these prepyadstviya. Moreover, hand power continued: February 6th, Alexander Milinkevich appealed to President Lukashenko in an open letter, in which much has been said about the need for dialogue between the government and the opposition, and the ability to overcome the rift in the Belarusian society, and the establishment of relations with the West. To start such a dialogue from the power required very minor effort — for a start it should at least release all political prisoners. Alexander Milinkevich own letter also expresses the view that the starting point for the beginning of the demonstration of unity of Belarusians would be a joint celebration days of Freedom on March 25. It is unclear what this day Alexander Lukashenko can be behold in the column of demonstrators. But even if the power to abandon today from violence and allow opposition relaxed, without beatings and arrests, noting day will — it will be on her side somehow familiar.
Our davneshny friend Basil of Cornflower village Radoshkovichi Molodechno district in their own brand new letter talks about the freedom of the political future of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A listener writes:
"Putin’s own political action constantly following the trail of Lukashenko. And since Lukashenko ahead of him constantly, so it angers president majestic country. Certainly, hence such hatred for their own" younger brother ", which is already visible to the naked eye. But Putin in the past — KGB colonel, not director of the farm, and his actions are more cunning and audacity of the least. "
Next in own writing Vasily Cornflower expresses his point of view about what to cook for themselves in the face of Putin’s successors first deputy prime ministers Ivanov and Medvedev. Another quote from the letter:
"In fact this is not the successor, and do not even cover and antyperaemniki. Putin chose, as everyone seems to be the best politicians of his own environment, and only pretends that prepares them for a future post. But in reality, all the methods he exposes them to show the Russians and behold the Russians, they are both worse than Putin. One says there is not the syllables, and in his office — a mess. 2nd — completely incomprehensible, reading a piece of paper and did not have its own representation. Well stature and invisible, even against current president, also did not grenadier … Russian citizens as give a hint: "You see, they are worse than Putin and that you can not wait to come, if not force the president to go for tonight’s third term." And later will be even more voices of different Kadyrov and Kolesnikov, eager to continue Putin’s presidency. And the people have no choice as to scream "Lubo" Well, if the West is against, then this is Surkov: he invents something like this is called democracy. Yes West and would not object to that time until coined candidacy for Russian gas and oil, "-
— so says Basil of Cornflower village Radoshkovichi Molodechno district.
Flash version, sire Cornflower. While it is very possible she did not look. Remember how many times President Putin in recent months denied intention to remain on the third term, which he stubbornly absented and credited. And if these intentions really existed, it would be far more logical to adopt the same again Belarusian experience and advance to take care of revising the Constitution, or use a so-referred to as "Federal Government" — flaws in similar scenarios in recent years was not. But while Putin’s statement in this case not crawl with his actions. In addition, it must be understood: the closer the presidential elections in Russia, the harder it is to find and retrieve these workarounds.
You are listening program from "Mailbox 111" — review letters to freedom. Valentin Zhdanko with you.
In the last survey sounded mail a letter from the village Alesia Vasilevsky Kletnoe Borisov district, who talked about the current state of the Belarusian language. He, namely, expressed the view that you need to accept the existence of "trasyanki" and treat it as a stage in the evolution of the Belarusian language. Responded to this letter of Constantine Syrel Ushacha. In his letter he writes electric:
"Languages, as well as the people and the country to appear mature, grow old and die — it’s a natural process. If anyone were many thousand years ago said, brought up in a patriotic citizen of the Roman Empire that soon enough his government ceased to exist, then I … I can not even imagine that we would hear back. And where at the moment the most powerful Carthage, ancient Sumer, the country of the Incas, Mayas, where, in the end, Russian Alliance, and how many for the foreseeable period of lost languages who decides? How no sorry, but there’s a good possibility that the Belarusian language and understand the same fate at the same time pretty quickly. Maybe that will change some of its variant "trasyanki." But what is now, for example, the South American version of the British language? Proceeding of beliefs about the limited occupant» United Kingdom of this, perhaps, is trasyanka, but still what I love the Belarusian language and use it often enough, but let anyone will interpret as I now read or write in Belarusian on a professional theme? (I — Prof. "electronics"). I, for example, never beheld in the Belarusian language textbooks in higher arithmetic sapramatu, informatization. Did you ever beheld annotation on the use of Belarusian TV and radio in the Belarusian language? I have not seen, even though thousands of them renovated, from the "mute" to the modern "Horizons." And who has a Belarusian mobile phone menu? And is there a our country project documentation for the Belarusian language? — Writes in his own letter to freedom of Constantine Syrel Ushacha. — But let apustsimsya of radio broadcast and dizzying empireyav on vicious zemelku and visit, for example, our cemeteries, although the village, although the city. Lots of you are there beheld inscriptions on gravestones in Belarusian? I — one in a lifetime (and I soon enough to retire!). On Ushachy cemetery far from the grave of my mother buried mom Gregory Baradulin, here there and read the epitaph in Belarusian. In short, the Belarusian language map solid white spots. The main carrier whiteRussian language — village dweller — just dying. The government and its media quickly hinder rather than help the revival and development of the language. The Head of State has virtually no official language, giving the example of all this bureaucratic brethren. Teachers Belarusian language they say it only in the classroom, but outside the classroom — to scamper "Ryusuke language" indicating this artificiality (I’d even said in Russian "broadside") of the Belarusian language, its optionality. So I doubt that criteria such language will survive, "-
— Wrote in his own letter to freedom of Constantine Syrel Ushacha.
Thanks to you, sire Syrel for noteworthy reasoning and speculation. Certainly, you are right when you write and the lack of textbooks and terminology, and the responsibility for the true power of language, and the indifference of a large part of society … Indeed, languages, as well as people — not eternal. And even huge speech and massive millennial empire go into oblivion and converted into historical monuments. But hardly begrudge such bit of lust and such fate own language, which we received from their own parents and children must pass.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write to freedom. Write. Waiting for new posts.
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