Do not go straight for Russia and Belarus?

He stated this in a yearly message to the Federal Assembly.
Dmitry Medvedev said that "we are not talking about constitutional reform, and specifically on the adjustment of the Constitution." Recall the last time in Belarus reformats the Constitution in 2004, when it was removed wording that one and the same person can hold the presidency less than 2-times. In the Russian constitution that limit left. But now proposed increment term in office for two years. So can the official Minsk under the "union countries" to adopt this Russian initiative? CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik Pronunciation:

For me it is a question that does not specifically address the people and the laws of the Republic

"The Republic of Belarus — a sovereign government. And while we still do not like so uniform legislation that would oblige all the steps of the 1st repeat other countries. Because this question Only legislators and the Belarusian people, which can change the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. If they want the Belarusian people, then it can be regarded as an idea that is worthy of discussion. While such ideas have not been the Belarusian people. This initiative on the Russian side, it concerns the Russians. And so they let it somehow and react. For me it is a question that does not specifically address the people and the laws of the Republic of Belarus. "
Or, for example, the union "Snow White Rus" to come up with such an initiative? One of the favorites association "Snow White Rus", member of the House of Representatives Alexander Shatsko said:
"Snow White Rus" with such an initiative is unlikely to come out to increment term. After all, there is another promise, we do not restrict the term: the number of terms is determined by referendum. Increase because these terms make sense, probably not. Belarus the topic no. For RF, maybe yes. We’re going here with Russian parliamentarians and will open a discussion and this topic, too. "
Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich recalled that in 1996, Alexander Lukashenko, has continued its capabilities almost two years, and his first presidential term lasted seven years. But then again to change the constitution to extend the presidential term now for Alexander Lukashenko does not make sense:

In our conditions this means that it can actually be president as much as he want

"He can run on the constitution now a huge amount of time as a presidential candidate. Our criteria which means that it can actually be president as much as he want. We like eternity — nothing, nothing is limited. And if eternity, then Why there to indulge in such trifles? He has more than Leonid Ilyich controls. Lukashenko have any configuration to the Constitution: it was one hundred percent redrawn Constitution in terms of separation of branches of government. mechanisms and mutual control over the branches of government were absolutely destroyed. "
Political scientist Andrei Fedorov recalled that the U.S. president is elected for four years, and if it works well, then it was re-elected citizens. As for Medvedev’s initiative, he said, Our homeland that is not the first time adopts the Belarusian experience, and far not the best.
"It’s just Byzantine system — possible more increment stay human in power. In this case, I do not exclude that begins a confrontation between Medvedev and Putin. "Tags: Medvedev, continued, opportunities

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