Does fear Gomel avian influenza?

Lady: "I think that especially do not need to be afraid. We obtain Belarusian products — chickens from Vitebsk, Gomel. Maybe some preventive measures and necessary. "
Lady: "It is necessary, and how! Russians will soon bring us and chicken sausages, and sausages. We do not know what we eat. At some time of the need to close the import of Russian poultry in Belarus. One hundred percent block!"
Man: "It’s a disease. Unless beware, it will be distributed. Better, that flu we did not have."
Man: "We need to develop health measures."
Lady "First necessary that the veterinary service worked fine, controlled delivery of birds. Well, so that people did not carry that which is forbidden. "
Man: "Everything can be — from Moscow to bring eggs, chickens, some … And we can be the flu. No need to take in Russia eggs and chickens. You have to use their own products."
Man: "You have to take much less chickens."
Lady: "Maybe what drugs are. I, for example, of the village, with Rudnev Stavbunskay. Co. me Last year came from the farm, doing shots in the backyard chickens. In each yard are vaccinated hens and chickens in the village did not hurt. "
Man: "All you need to kill chickens, then will not the flu."
Lady: "We need to be protected, a little longer to cook chicken."
Man: "Avian Influenza — this is the sort of thing: if not through the chicken, then passed through a crow, or through migratory birds. Because you need to defend themselves."

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