Earplugs. How to protect yourself and loved ones from the noise

When we go on a journey, then, almost without thinking, take with a means for skin care and hair care. But forget about the ears, even though they sometimes become the source of some trouble. More precisely, not the ears, and loud sounds that we perceive through them. There are some cases when you simply need to protect our ears from the external environment. Let's talk about them.

If we continue the theme of leisure, it should be noted that in the ears of not only flies noise, but small insects, water, dirt, dust and sand. All of these "agents" may be in your ears while swimming in the pool, sightseeing trips, both in this country and in Europe, not to mention the exotic locations where a meter has thousands of different types of insects, dust, moisture, and other " small pleasures. "

Remember! If the ear has got the bug, do not try to remove it yourself, it most likely you will not succeed. It is best to consult a doctor.

The home also, there are times when you need to protect themselves from too loud sounds: preparing for the exam, repair the neighbors, light sleep. Agree, in such moments, silence is priceless.

From a physiological point of view of noise — any adverse perceived sound.

The source of the noise can be a means of transport is very much loud neighbors, ventilation, loud music under windows.

That neither was the source of the noise, it is important that the noise is annoying and can impair concentration, affects mood, and prolonged human exposure can depress the nervous system, disrupt the rhythm of the heart and respiration.

Every person at least once in your life heard of ear plugs — special little earbuds in your ears that shield our ears from external factors. Someone even remember Earplugs, like a champagne cork that existed in Soviet times, is not very interesting and inefficient.

Now earplugs — almost an element of style, unobtrusive, lightweight, made of high-quality modern materials. Unlike their predecessors, who were not different variety and were presented only model, modern designed for different purposes and situations.

1. Protection against noise and dust

Ear ear (ear plugs) adjustable silicone Silans blue. Reliably isolate your ears from the sound and pollution of the environment. Silicone — a material that is suitable to all people without exception, even those who have a tendency to allergies. These take the form of ear pinna due to its plasticity.

Ear ear (ear plugs) polyurethane foam Silans yellow. Polyurethane ear plugs are easily adapted to the individual shape of the ear canal and are hypoallergenic.

2. Protection of water

Ear ear (ear plugs) adapted from silicone Silans orange. Are perfect for protection from noise, dust and dirt, as well as for protection against ingress of water. Especially these fans will appreciate the swimming pool liners.

Thanks to a special "layered" structure of the water can not get inside the ear canal.

Advantages earplugs Silans

  • Ideal for those who need silence and concentration: Special production workers and students.
  • Suitable for those who suffer from insomnia.
  • Provide excellent protection against the ingress of infection with the water in the auricular channel.
  • Protect against dust and sand during a strong gust of wind.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Invisible in the ears.
  • For hygienic storage in the set of earplugs is a plastic container.
  • Cost about 135-180 rubles.

Earplugs — ideal for lovers of peace and tranquility, as well as for all those who love to swim and surf.




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