Evgeny Onishchenko: In academic mediocrity reigns of

Karatkevich: "Eugene, what are your memories of the questions online conference?"
Onishchenko: "I think they are dictated by the people who first heard that Suvorov — it is not the man, which painstakingly built by n» pedestal. At the moment this idol looks differently than it was previously rasprapagandavana. "
Karatkevich: "Among the issues were defined: for example, if you understand the occasion to Suvorov beat people in Belarus — not following orders, and on his own desire?"
Onishchenko: "Among the outstanding documents found such evidence. For example, in 1769, when he suppressed the liberation uprising brothers near the village of Pulaski Nut, he ordered the bombardment of the village of guns, and eventually burned her. Later, when he was thrown to the oppression of the Kościuszko Uprising in including during the assault on the Warsaw suburb of Prague, where he scored more than 12 thousand people, he gave the order to act "decisively and in Russian." And since thence defenders were largely peaceful inhabitants, rather than permanent troops, it was a direct order to kill innocent inhabitants. And later we can not forget that in 1774 he suppressed an uprising in Russia itself Pugacheva. "
Karatkevich: "I ask you, as a historian, a phone call to comment on the listener."
Voice of the listener: "90 years are under communist yoke — a big disaster! In the end, ever get rid of this plague, who can answer darker? "
Onishchenko: "There is the usual response. If most of the people dry of a slave, if people do not rabalepstvavats, haluynichats. This is dependent on each. "

Anischenko Eugene was born in 1955 in the village Brantsava in Orsha district. Republican finished boarding school for music and fine arts (painting class), then the historical faculty of the Belarusian State University, postgraduate studies at the Institute of History Academy. In the same year he defended his thesis on "Land relations in Belarus in late XVIII-early XIX century." In 2004 defended his doctoral thesis on "The Political History During partition of Poland." But the Higher Attestation Commission has not approved this defense, arguing that the conclusions of his scientific work at the moment politically unacceptable.

Karatkevich: "Eugene, at the moment you are dismissed from the Institute of History?"
Onishchenko: "It was a provocation. I am over 20 years working at the institute, and this time I published 13 books or monographic collections of documents — what and corresponding members of some whole life did not. So here goes: waited certification method to fabricate me to put "not the best position." I’m not the first victim. Currently Director officially in print states that methodology of historical science, which was to This time — deidealyagizatsyiya, depoliticization — Furthermore, the historian must be vintsikam, obedient executor of policies of higher authorities. It shows kan» yunkturny approach to history and to this inclines and employees. Research Institute was transformed into a branch of the executive vertical. "
Karatkevich: "And what solidarity colleagues showed in your situation?"
Onishchenko: "No, just one. After the academic sphere, the company — it is closed, almost parasitic on municipal vehicles, and now there reigns gray. But I’m sure when it’s time for a change, a year or two will exchange power — the people who were silent, utter, that we say, not guilty, we were forced to place, and all freedom-loving democrats. "
Karatkevich: "And where you currently working on?"
Onishchenko: "The State Historical Archives of Belarus. I have plans to release a collection of documents Kosciuszko uprising in Belarus, I’m going to publish his memoirs of Deputies Supreme Council (And, incidentally, was one of the reasons for my dismissal) about 500 pages. There are other creative plans. "
Karatkevich: "On Freedom has a column" What I believe. " Its guests, we ask the same question. Eugene, what do you believe? "
Onishchenko: "I believe in the victory of beauty. And justice. "

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