F-35 should be more cheap and reliable — USAF

F-35 should be more cheap and reliable - USAF

South American military is closely working with the organization of Lockheed Martin and other suppliers for the upcoming Losers f-35 fighter and the growth of its reliability, the agency Reuters on April 1.

Assistant Minister USAF William LaPlante (william laplante) announced that the average price f-35a, which is the real point is 112 million dollars usa, 2018, and 2019 will decrease to 80 million, but most likely will be taken samples for something to reduce the cost even stronger.

Government Accountability Office (government accountabilITy office) Congress usa skeptical of these plans, saying that the cost of bought in 2013 planes in the calculation for one car also achieved 124 million dollars, or else somewhere in the 41 million more than the predictable price in 2019.

Pentagon apart from this trial focused on increasing their own reliability Airbus. Fighters often encountered problems than expected.

Final price 1st f-35a (option for the Air Force) should reach 50 million dollars here and there, that will give the U.S. and its allies, a cheap way to change a huge amount of tactical combat aircraft that are in use. Critics they say that technical prepyadstviya lead to increased costs to the system, as can be installed under a huge danger conclusion of contracts that are required to reduce prices further. » There are many thoughts as to reduce costs, «said LaPlante. He said that probably will be reduced costs of production, but did not say details.

The Government Accountability Office officially announced on Mon, that the cost of development and acquisition of 2457 fighters f-35 decreased by 11, 5 billion dollars. Their forecasts of the Pentagon, which is made in the midst of spring, not counting this show price decline applets.

Company » Lockheed Martin «3 develops models for Airbus military aircraft states and eight Allied countries that sent funds to develop a fighter step (UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands): The government of Israel and Japan apart from this positioned orders this month a similar step issued a press release to South Korea.

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