Fanipol: high-school students spent the environmental experience

On the not so long ago approved the town’s coat of arms — a delicious apple on a greenish background triangle. Yablokov gardens in these places since time immemorial. Harder with a triangle, symbolizing the busy highway and road metal that surround Fanipol. Although the creator of the emblem, Deputy Chairman City Council Ivan Denis problems with unhealthy urban environment Tipo does not exist.
"We yards tall buildings grow apples, — says Ivan Denis. — Bloomed gardens! Rarest town to find gardens in the yards. We separately residential area, industrial area — separately. So comfortable for the town and for the people in terms of ecology … "
But this optimistic conclusion is not all share. Not long ago, two 10-ka Fanipolskogo school students spent the environmental experience, which showed completely different results.
Pioneer experience — geography teacher, Head of Regional Museum Galina Shchakovich.
"There goes the way the city, the highway Brest — Moscow and the third road that goes to the industrial area where the tank farm, many businesses — says Galina Shchakovich. — We counted with the children, how many cars pass through 5 — 10 and even through one minute. Around the school for one minute — up to 11 machines, especially in the afternoon when we go to the lessons. Through Highway 400 machines for 5 — 10 minutes. A 500 meters we have factory steel road and highway Brest — Baranovichi — Minsk — Moscow. During the day goes to 40 trains and freight trains.’s for you and the environment! "
Especially since Industrial Zone is located within almost a small town the coming same forest belt only 5 km away. Results of the action may be foundation for future legislative initiatives, says a single opposition member of the City Council, a member of the PCB Konstantin herring.
"If this is exceeded health standards, — says Konstantin herring — then across the Brest make shields that remove noise. Results youth environmental experience at the session of the City Council, we will learn and we will make suggestions to the authorities to improve the environmental situation in Fanipol."

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