Fatherland is waging a campaign against the church in honor of Suvorov

Chairman of the Board of World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland" Lena Makovskaya states that the appeal of their organization responded very many people from Belarus and abroad. Once a day, comes a lot of letters in which people resent the initiative to build a temple in honor of the Russian Generalissimo strangler liberation uprising in 1794. People also call their proposals and initiatives.

Lena Makovskaya "While we litsezreem such proposals: the collection of signatures, policy initiatives on the organization pickets send targeted emails to the city authorities. "

"We have a lot of fun, that is parallel to a series of initiatives — told in an interview with" Freedom "Lena Makovskaya. — And not related to us, and people are collecting signatures, themselves think about the activities of the organization of information character. People join the action. From different cities of Belarus, we obtain copies of these letters. We are very glad activity of society. "
So, for example, one of the environmental organizations offers to start collecting signatures against the construction of "Suvorov church" in the midst of officials. In order to discuss all public initiatives, "Fatherland" and now is going to hold a meeting with the role of creators offers.
"While we litsezreem such proposals: collecting signatures, policy initiatives on the organization pickets. Send targeted emails to the city authorities. By the way, we have not yet received an answer from KOBRINSKAYA authorities, or from Brest. Everything is depending on the results of this campaign. Then we to think, what to do on "- said Lena Makovskaya.
Representatives of the "homeland" is pleased that the problem of constructing a church in honor of Suvorov is discussed very intensively on the Web. Lena Makovskaya trusts the authorities finally listen to the public.
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