Figure a day or: a year in Russia appeared 19 new billionaires

To systematize the method of enrichment until the Russians term coined
Luisa Kroll, who in the magazine "Forbes" this year was responsible for a list of billionaires from Europe, says that the Russian billionaire wealth hard to bring in one of the 2-conventional categories — "acquired a legacy" or "acquired by his own efforts."
"Formally, none of them did not get their own wealth on heritage. But then almost all depends on how you arrange them the ability to find some of this property is very inexpensive. We have not yet invented terms to describe it."
The richest of Russian billionaires produced their wealth on trade in natural resources, especially oil and gas sector. But in the list, there are people who got rich in the banking, telecommunications, gaming industry, fertilizer trade or consumer products.
Russian billionaires together richer German
Not counting the new names to the list of billionaires after a couple of years No refund Boris Berezovsky, now living in exile in London and who was the first citizen of, that he was in the list of «Forbes» in 1997. And the richest Russian in the list of third year in a row is Roman Abramovich, whose assets are estimated at 18 billion 700 millions of dollars.
Founder of the American company "Microsoft" Bill Gates for 13 years in the first place in the list of world’s richest people. Generally most in the list of "Forbes" billionaires from the United States — 415 people with a total wealth of $ 1 trillion 360 billion dollars. Says editor in chief of the magazine Steve Forbes:
"Germany is in second place with 55 billionaires. Our homeland 53, but the common heritage of Russian billionaires exceed the assets of German billionaires. Prosperity — the best revenge."
Russian business has become more transparent
From time to time to find out the sources of wealth Russian billionaires hard or even unsafe. In 2004 editor of the Russian edition of the magazine "Forbes" Paul Khlebnikov was shot dead in Moscow. The middle version of the reasons for the murder of his research were the richest people in Russia. Luisa Kroll of the magazine "Forbes", but states that soon Russian big business has become more transparent, because many Russian oligarchs have their own shares of companies zabugornyh exchanges.
Of other states the former Soviet Union, according to "Forbes", billionaires are Ukraine (7 people) and Kazakhstan (5 persons). Poland, which Last year was in the list 3 billionaires in This year has five. And today’s newcomers to the list — Romania and Serbiya having one billionaires.

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