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Pregnancy, of course, not the disease. However, this condition often requires the use of certain medications. Besides the usual means of combating this disease can now be undesirable for you. Therefore normal part of your home first aid kits should be replenished by the following components.

1. Multivitamins. A pregnant woman needs more vitamins, and even good nutrition during this period can not fully meet the body's need for vitamins and trace elements. It is best to take multivitamin preparations, designed precisely for pregnant women. To pick up such a drug would help the doctor. However, in the event of various complications of pregnancy doctor may prescribe you to take a multivitamin supplement for the following drugs:

  1. folic acid— Vitamin B9, which is recommended to be taken to12th weeks of pregnancy, because at its lack may develop anemia, bleeding disorders, fetal malnutrition. A sufficient amount of folic acid also ensure the proper formation of neural tube defects, which later will form the nervous system of the baby;
  2. Vitamin Edoes in the body an important protective function, fighting free radicals — products of metabolism that destroy the cells, in addition, it helps to relax the muscles of the uterus during pregnancy, thereby preventing its termination;
  3. during pregnancy the need foriron, because This trace element is part of hemoglobin, which provides oxygen delivery to the body is not only the mother but also the fetus. To meet this demand is difficult by simple correction of the diet;
  4. calcium ensures proper growth and bone formation of the fetus. If calcium is in short supply comes from food, then it is "taken" from the mother's bones, which leads to disruption of their structure — osteoporosis, a deterioration of the teeth. Therefore, in some cases, pregnant women advised to take calcium supplements. Often such preparations contain and vitamin D, which enhances the absorption of calcium fed.

Correct dosage and duration of these drugs you will pick up the attending physician, because they are unique to each woman, depending on the severity of pregnancy complications

2.Nospanum — Is antispasmodic drug, which is used during pregnancy as a uterine tonic. The drugs work by relaxing the muscles of the uterus muscle. Clinical studies have shown that Nospanum no adverse effect on the fetus. Doctors recommend to have it with you and use it for signs of increasing uterine tone (pain in the abdomen, when the uterus becomes hard and dense, long relaxing). It is recommended to take no more than 6 tablets shpy night. Before you start taking shpy you need to consult your doctor as this medication can not be taken at the phenomena Cervical failure.

3. Candles with papaverinehave an effect similar to that but-shpe, and used to amplify its action because both of these drugs interact increasing duration of therapeutic effect each other. Candles with papaverine — rectal, ie inserted into the rectum, the multiplicity of their application determined by the physician.

4. Laxatives. During pregnancy, there are often problems with the chair, which prevents normal digestion and metabolism. If correcting the diet does not help, you can use mild laxatives, such as Guttalaks. This drug is not contraindicated during pregnancy and has no effect on the fetus.

5. Preparations for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Often occur during pregnancy, constipation can trigger the development of hemorrhoids — varicose veins of the anus and rectum in the form of painful knots and lumps that begin to bleed when emptying the bowels. Can be used after 12 weeks of pregnancy and rectal cream Gepatrombin, candles with novocaine. In patients taking these drugs hemorrhoids become smaller, the pain will pass. In addition, gepatrombin will and preventive action: against the background of its application dramatically reduces the risk of disease recurrence.

6. With a cold, you can use tools that enhance immunity. These include, for example, a drug containing interferon, which helps fight bacterial and viral infections, Viferon. It should be noted that pregnant suitable dosage of 150 thousand ME.

7. For the prevention of SARS and influenza, especially in times of epidemics, you can use tools like Oxolinic ointment. She lay in a small amount in the nose, its lubricating mucosa. Action oxolinic ointment based on the fact that it prevents the introduction of the virus. We recommend using oxolinic ointment before the planned visit places with large concentrations of people, as well as inautumn and winter period. Similarly can be used balsam Vitaon.

8. In the first half of pregnancy, especially given the changes in the excitability of the nervous system, such as increased tearfulness, irritability, and in the second half of pregnancy — given the frequent insomnia, you may need sedative. As such, we can recommend Valerian and Motherwort (Which can be used in the form of tablets, extracts, infusions of dried herbs). You can use the drug Novopassit, which is based on grass and contains no alcohol.

9. In the second half of pregnancy often appears heartburn, because increasing in size queen "props" diaphragm and stomach, resulting in disrupted the flow of bile: it is thrown into the stomach, esophagus. This can eliminate the trouble taking pills Rennie or Almagel.

10. Often the question arises: can a pregnant woman take medicationHeadache? Keep in mind: to bear the headache is much more harmful than drinking painkillers (of course, if the headache is not regular, but occasionally). If you are concerned about the frequent, painful headaches, they may indicate the development of a disease and you should consult with your doctor.

If such a reason is not possible, you can take anesthetic. The most studied their effect on the pregnant woman and the fetusparacetamol and preparations on its basis (e.g., Panadol). In small doses or over a short period of treatment, he has no negative effects on the fetus.

11. Antihistamines. During pregnancy due to changes in the immune status of the probability of manifestation of certain allergic reactions, even if you previously did not have to occur with this disease. In this case, to help form preparations such as Suprastin, Claritin.

Finally, we recall that use any drugs only after consultation with the doctor and with the utmost care — up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Hope Zaretsky

Obstetrician-gynecologist MD, doctor of the highest category

Magazine "9 months" Number in July 2003

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