Followers Rock coronation in 2006

Nomination "The best hip-hop artist" — Group "Urban longing" with the album "With the world" (Publisher "Go-Records", Gomel).
Nomination "Clip of the Year" "Apple Tea" Group "Apple Tea" (Dir. Vladimir Jankowski).
Nomination "Best Song of the Year""Zmeevnik" singer — group "NRM"
Nomination "Artist of the Year" Janka Mauser (Group «Tav.Mauzer»).
Nomination "Album of the Year""With his bare feet on the pavement" Group "J_mors. "
Nomination "Project of the Year" — Collection of works by various artists "Prime Dozen 2006".
Nomination "Rock Artist of the Year"Atmoravi, for album "Romance".
Nomination "Very popular performer of the year" — Group "J_mors" for album "With his bare feet on the pavement."
Nomination "Positive Music" — Group "Naugal" for album "In the land under the skirt."
Nomination "Tradition and Modernity" — Group "Ur’ia" for album "If chakra."
Nomination "Singing paziya"Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich for albums "Tango with a rose " verses and Neklyaev "Lullabies".
Nomination "Languid music" — Gomel group «Rasta» for album "The Age of Movement".
Nomination "Rock crown of the year" — Group «Rasta».
Special prizes: the nomination "Hope of the Year" — Group VIA "visit" Award "Best Performer zabugorny Belarusian rock" — Group "Daimos" (Smolensk).

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