Franak Vyachorka: I see everything through the prism of politics

Karatkevich: Franak you — a night person?
Vecherko: Night. At least, I relate to this type of people who believe that what is best to do NIGHT MODE-nibudt useful than just sleep.
Karatkevich: What do you usually do at this time useful?
Vecherko: Usually I generate different ideas — usually a different Var» yatskiya thoughts like voice to the Belarusian language film, written music album or to arrange any political action.
Karatkevich: Well, about the films and events we’ll talk later …
In Prague at the moment passes documentary film festival "One World", and Franak Vyachorka — the hero of the 1st movie, "A Lesson of Belarusian".
Karatkevich: Franak what it did for the film?
Vecherko: This film by Polish director Miroslav Dembinskogo about events in Belarus in the spring of 2006. The movie is built on the concept of contradictions between different generations of Belarusians, Russian elderly generation, the generation that grew up on the Russian school textbooks, sang songs about Lenin, and the new generation — the young Belarus, which understands and knows the value of freedom and independence.
Franak Vyachorka was born in 1988 in Minsk, graduated from the State Council for the Humanities Lyceum Kolas, was chairman of the student government. He — party Lyceum Theatre, publisher CD school students with creativity, managing producer and musical projects, "I love college", "Communion in the Belarusian language." Currently studying at the Faculty of Journalism of BSU.
"I was raised specific humanist"
Karatkevich: Franak you chosen specialty and why?
Vecherko: I joined the journalism faculty of BSU specialty "Information and communication". Basically planning to enter the Faculty of Political Science, but when learned that all seats are the children of various officials of the Council of Ministers, the leaps and bounds in the last day has submitted documents to the Faculty of Journalism and began to teach there PR communication technology. I study currently in the second year, while I do not touch …
Karatkevich: Let me remind you that the father of our current guest — Vintsuk Vyachorka, chairman of the BPF, mother — Arina Vyachorka, managing knight club "Lofty Principality." Or ancestors somehow influenced your choice? Or discouraged?
Vecherko: Ancestors always influence the choice, at least in step parenting. You bring up a mathematician or physicist, or an astronaut, or anyone else. I was brought up specific humanities, brought not only the ancestors brought Belarusian Humanities Lyceum, lyceum teachers — I’m used to explore, discover, do something, learn from the experience of their own Protz, their predecessors in Belarus and abroad, and so I came makarom journalism — "Information and communication" on journalism. A ancestors — in terms of personal experience, I believe that in some degree to continue his father because his father was a humanist at least, and I think they also gradually become.
Karatkevich: Your first article seems to have been in the magazine "Mother Tongue". Be able to remember what it was?
Vecherko: This was very-very long, I have studied in high school, preparing work on scientific and practical conference running Valentina Sivkovych on "Closed group titles traditional literary language." This research work with different titles forgotten Belarusians — the names of the fingers, chess pieces, names of months of the year, days of the week. I did the research — such as the names sounded in Minsk, in the regions in the dialects, as suggested by their name linguists — Vaclav Lastouski as suggested name Francis Skaryna months — all of which I joined and went movaznavchy analysis, which published the "Mother Tongue". It was the first step in the scientific ct» ers. But, unfortunately, until scientific ct» EPA does not continue, though perhaps still ahead.
Franak Vyachorka — coordinator of the creative initiative "Belarusian Gulf Stream" project manager "Kinabibliyateka in Belarusian" in which the Belarusian been duplicated comedy "Love in fact," "Shrek 2" and did not so long ago — "Crime Fiction".
"Belarusian-language films — first breakthrough in the modern sphere"
Karatkevich: Often dubbed involved Belarusian stars — Lavon Volsky, our today’s creator Alexander Tomatoes. Or simply to lure stars such work and just work with them?
Vecherko: Lure simple. All because of a lack of candidates. Since this project is entirely new niche of its empty, even though what the invitation to participate in what music ultraneardynarnym this project is always accepted very willingly. According to the latest as it was with Levon Wolski. Lavon and Anne Wolski have offered to participate in this movie, so it’s not even my initiative — to invite the stars — they are invited, why, in principle, I do not pratsivlyusya. Well, except for stars we are involved and well-known journalists, for example, Yegor Maerchyk with Radio Liberty, just involved students, actors municipal theaters in Belarus. And they all will wear a contribution not only to the development of the Belarusian dubbing or another movie, and the contribution to the development of the whole culture, because the film — a very important segment of culture, and a Belarusian film — it is a breakthrough whiteRussian language in the modern sector.
Karatkevich: Franak, and where you can buy "Criminal Fiction" in Belarusian?
Vecherko: I do not distribute disks, we are passionate about only dubbing. And can be purchased in some distributors on the Web — worth dial in "Crime Fiction", "Belarusian Gulf Stream", and I think there is someone exactly this product.
Since 2001 Franak — Member of "Young Front", in 2005 — one of the founders of "BPF Youth", dated March of 2006 — a member of the BPF Party, which controls his dad — Vintsuk Vyachorka. Franak — Managing international education commission under "BPF Youth" and the head of the Commission on Culture BPF. During last year’s presidential campaign went into the press group Milinkevich now — editor of the website of the company» United Democrats "For Freedom."
"Our task of joining voedinyzhdy» if not in reality, then at least on the Web"
Karatkevich: What is it all the same for the "on» United Democrats" who is this website, and what it did for my website?
Vecherko: Website of» united democratic forces and their campaign "For Freedom" was scheduled to open in the summer of last year, but due to the different twists and turns inside the coalition itself the site was not open, but it is planned that the other day on March 25 it will have its place in the web and its can be behold at With regard to the situation in the united democratic forces», then it is not so difficult, as stated. Certainly, any political structure composed of» combined forces working on his first program from, its values, its political vision of the future of Belarus. But the goals and objectives of all close.
Karatkevich: But you declined to answer — who is just a web site? If it is your own call until March 25, Anatoly Lebedko own — Alexander Milinkevich and private — in Vintsuk Vyachorka, whose appeal will be on the website?
Vecherko: All 3-politicians. Our task, and my personal task — under any circumstances no one to cook and not to create artificial conflict, as many people adore both politicians and just people — bloggers and journalists. The main task — to try to connect» — if not in reality, not in life, at least on the Web.
Karatkevich: How do you assess the preparations for the celebration of the 25th of March?
Vecherko: Preparation is very natural, there is a lot of information occasions, very well, playing with a lot of exciting ideas Alexander Milinkevich seem ver
y cool suggestions from the organizing committee of the rally on March 25 — for the collection of signatures under the slogan "I will come on March 25", on the collection of addresses those people, which could take guests from the regions on March 25. Minimum information space filled by this date, and people close to our values, they are — I’m 100 per cent — are aware of the action and it certainly will. Our task — to come to share and to show that we still have not broken and that we have a lot.
Karatkevich Alexander Milinkevich invites role in action on March 25 and European politicians who are engaged in Belarus. A "Belarusian Gulf Stream" has some initiatives in this regard?
Vecherko: Certainly. "Belarusian Gulf Stream" within the general trend to invite 200 politicians from the EU countries — all in the world, "beetle and toad" — Belarus has decided to invite Kventyna Tarantyna. Apart from the fact that he accept a role in the action at 12.00, at 19.00 it will be demonstrated BPF in the office movie "Crime Fiction." Proclamation of "Gulf Stream" is padtryhtavany. Hopefully he will accept the role. Not so long ago there was a ceremony of "Oscar" in which he participated, at the moment it is more or less free — I think that will come .
"Childhood can not remember"
Karatkevich: Once in a conversation with me Franak Vyachorka figuratively "Childhood not remember, I remember the discussion about politics." If you consciously began to listen to discussions about politics?
Vecherko: Well, I once brewed life in this political cocktails life beheld all political campaigns, all these twists and turns, from the youth followed the political evolution of Lukashenko and around this unit — well, just grew, and just can not help but build all through the prism of politics. All I have one way or another connected with the policy.
Karatkevich: Do you believe in morality in politics?
Vecherko: Certainly.
Karatkevich: And what you see yourself in politics? Are you going to make a political career car»?
Vecherko: It is clear that going. Who at a young age maksymalistskim not going to make a political career car»? Especially since with "bekgraunda" as I am?
Karatkevich: Franak, do not know how you feel about the 8th of March, but we are now and tomorrow we will read about days of this — Do you think March 8 prazdnichkom?
Vecherko: Well, I do not consider prazdnichkom but own beloved maiden certainly what nibudt gifts.
Karatkevich: What do you value most in girls and women?
Vecherko: I appreciate nature. It must be very reliable person. Trustworthy, loyal and responsible. And for me, fundamentally, that the person that I love to be with me — that he shared my eyes. I need it psychologically.

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