Freedom Names: Edward Voinilovich

He is one of those who own life refutes thrown Belarusians uchepisnuyu opinion, as if they were deprived of their own state nobility.
Thanks to him, our capital is already a century is one of my own inimitable features — delivered: God of modern Herostratus Reddish church, or, more precisely, the Church of Simon and Lena. (There is evidence that has already been signed Masherov paper on the destruction of the temple, which "spoil the face of the socialist city," but the implementation of criminal intent prevented the destruction of party control.)
Edward Voinilovich belonged to the richest landowners edge, but finished Petersburg Technological Institute and went to training in Europe, decided to start her on ordinary workers paravozabudavnichym Berlin factory. Later worked as a mechanical engineer at the eminent Putilov in the capital of the empire, again in daskanalivsya European statesah.
But he was of the people with their homeland — one and forever.
Returning to Belarus and to farm Voinilovich rapidly reincarnated almost in the most successful businessman in the private sector. In recognition of his achievements was elected chairman of the Minsk agricultural friendship.
Ban Edward never limited economic interests. He opened orphanages and schools, more than 30 years was noble arbiter Slutsky County, defended the case of Lithuania, Belarus, as a deputy of the State Duma and the Russian Empire State Councilor and. Quite rightly called the first Belarusian Voinilovich eykumenistam he financed the construction of not only the churches, and Orthodox churches, founded in Klecka committee to protect the rights of Jews and Muslim Tatars.
Voinilovich and belarushchyna — good topic for a dissertation.
Sponsor our first legal publishing company "sun peep in our little window," magazines "Lucina" and "Sakha". Generous benefactor "Nasha Niva"…
Real State Councillor Edward Voinilovich had five royal orders, was friends with the chairman of Russian Council of Ministers Pyotr Stolypin, who offered the Belarusian aristocrat as Minister of Agriculture. But in 1918 he supported the establishment of Belarusian People Republic, participated in meetings of its Government and opposed the partition of the country Moscow and Warsaw. It is no accident in the house specifically Voinilovich Slutsk in November 1920 Congress delegates gathered Slutsk announced preparations for anti-Bolshevik uprising under the flags of BPR.
Ban Edward was exemplary husband and father, but God took his kids, Simon (1885-1897) and Lena (1884-1903), in whose honor in 1910 and the church was erected Reddish. If you believe the legend, Lena drew the future church before his death, saying that specifically so it showed her in a dream angels.
Through 78 years who died residues in Poland, where he had gone to escape the Bolsheviks, Edward Voinilovich were solemnly reburied them in funavanym church. His remains lie in an alcove next to the main entrance, just under the image of Christ.
Ryhor Baradulin responded to this event poem "Radimalyub":
…And no matter how anger raged Razgukany How unclean spirit world nor znyavechvav — At home painful Temple survived to become a believer House endless …

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