Full privatization is still the long term

Thus, it was argued: according to the instructions of the government prepared a draft document, whereby for 2007 is a large-scale privatization in order to stabilize the domestic money market. It was announced that the scheduled contests in the sale of shares of strategic oil refineries and petrochemical companies, state bit of the big banks, industry and automakers, manufacturers of sugar, beer, etc.
But the Council of Ministers term "full privatization" is not confirmed. Press secretary of the Council of Ministers Alexander Timoshenko said that beheld appropriate messages, but no document before him did not fall. Besides, due to the fact that news agencies cited an anonymous source in the Ministry of Economy, Alexander Timoshenko said he did not wish to comment on unnamed individuals.
Journalistic "source" specifies that an active privatization in a number of strategic sectors of the economy developed by the Ministry of Economy foreseen draft action plan to achieve a positive balance of foreign trade in 2007. In the mentioned department to comment on this account shall refrain.

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