Gazeta Wyborcza: Followers opposition could not damovitsa

"Gazeta Wyborcza" writes about the attempts of association Belarusian opposition in a situation where the opposition coalition "was on the verge of collapse." Polish diary provides a presentation of the main coalition of politicians, some of whom speaks for the fact that Alexander Milinkevich remained a favorite demakratynchh combined forces, and others — against.
"Gazeta Wyborcza" notes that opposition favorite "damovitsa could not."
In turn, the "Rzeczpospolita" in "without opposition favorite" also knows about the conflict in the ranks of the Belarusian opposition, but draws attention the situation in which disputes occur.
"Fighting in opposition is in a situation where the chances of being in power is very small, and the ability to very moderate activity", — says "Rzeczpospolita".

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