Grodno or feel themselves Europeans?

Youth"Europeans? European I do not feel. In Europe, still more developed democracy. I believe that every citizen is obliged to have more freedom, more rights. "
Man: "In real time, we ourselves Europeans absolutely, completely, do not feel as Europeans live freely and not because we are, in decrees and directives. Europeans do not live up to agreements that demean. How I can feel European? "
His wife: "I quite agree with your spouse."
Man: "We do not have the right to choice, we have no other rights. We live in nothingness, in a dark hole. And we believe Ukraine Europe, they, As the last, have a real right to choose the president. "
His wife: "To freely given the opportunity to elect a president, I think we would not have been President Lukashenko, I’m sure of it completely."
Reporter: "Do you feel European?"
Guy: "Yes, I do. Fact, I was born in Grodno, was raised in Grodno and served GRU group "Tigers".
Young lady: "It is unlikely that I feel evrapeykay — in fact not quite such a standard of living we have, as I would like."
Lady: "Why do not you think? Thought, and quite often. But we did not quite feel them yourself, there are some differences from the Europeans. "
Her husband: "I agree with his wife, always and everywhere! That’s us already differs from avrapeytsav. And in general — then we do not own nose litsezreem."
Wife: "Yes, I agree."
Young Man: "Europeans feel as if only because we live in Europe. And Actually Western Europe is not felt here: there are much better hunt and, frankly, not be here, and — there. "
Man: "I feel European: certainly, I live in Europe. Lot I where he was in Europe and say that our city definitely European. Naturally, we were anything else Russian people, but what we Europeans — it is absolutely sure. "
Old man: "Europeans? I’m too old for such issues. Though, perhaps, 50 per cent are a European, I still feel it, but not anymore."
Young Man: "I, likely, European. In 1-x, we are in the heart of Europe. We have created a powerful country — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania, and it was European country . "
Man: "The Europeans? Naturally, I feel European. Grodno was always a European city — and now there is, and will be later. "
Old man: "I am one hundred percent feel European. Our culture of Europe and Belarus, they are roughly similar."

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