Grodno — the trial of the accused in serial killings

What think about Grodno inflated security measures of the process and the police power?
Man: "It’s difficult to say what is afraid of the police, which they put their posts. I do not know, maybe they cherish this man from those people who are connected with it? "
Student: "I can not imagine for themselves, that the court and engineers with the dog. Maybe going to undermine something and you need to dig for themselves bombaskhovishcha? For such crimes before, in my opinion, was the" tower ", the shooting, and now, seems indefinite detention. As for me, I do not know how it relies punish ".
Lady: "At the present day, and so the police is not the force which be, order to maintain order. Unfortunately, they lost their human form much earlier than this happened. And he just confirm the view of many people that the police are now, unfortunately, is not what should be. "
Young lady: "I think they fear most relatives of the murdered women. I have the impression that in our society the police’s reputation has long been shattered. As, unfortunately, this is not the first case when a policeman appeared, we can say such a monster. ‘Cause I think, what exactly this particular case the authority of our police have not fraught. "
Young Man: "The level of police in the eyes of my small, but below through this case he will not: indeed, found a such person — and let not all the same time these are. "
Lady: "I always feel about police ill and without this incident with Sergeichik without such killings. I believe that our police will certainly need to change something."
Young Man: "Such protection — it’s not serious, they just need something to take their service. As for the power of militia in the spacethe man, and so it is very low. I doubt that it will worsen or improve whereupon the court. "
Young lady: "Reputation police our eyes fell long already. And this incident such a reputation again confirms. "
Her friend: "Indeed, a person has a mental disorder. I think it must be established first order — in terms of police and medical examination of all these bodies. And for what sin is, I believe, owns the highest punishment that exists in the country . "
Pictured: minibus police sappers in front of the Grodno regional court.

The process began in Grodno on 20 February it produces referee Supreme Court Alexander Raydudin. In a criminal case 38 volumes. Process is closed. Earlier it was reported that during the investigation the suspect confessed to the sins committed. It is also reported that a forensic psychiatric examination found him JavaScript consciousness.

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