Guest night air — Inna Cooley

Now the program "Freedom Night" head of the committee involved aid repressed in Belarus Inna Cooley. In the last days she was in the jury Documentary Film Festival in Prague "One World." In the midst of the rest of it to comment on the survey, "What is different about a female politician from a male politician" .
Research — ladies in the power structures. In Belarus, serve in the army for about 3 and a half thousand women. Also we will tell about the adjacent countries.
The survey — which should never be read to the ladies?
Film festival will feature Maxim Zhbankova siege Belarusian web, in "record" Alexander Pamidorau group of "The Wall", and "Night Primer" — Vladimir Niakliaeu works.
After 23 minutes — in the "examination of Freedom" — the role of the ladies and the ladies’ organizations Belarusian society, "Belarusian Atlyantyda.» Erav Without bar" — the fate of Belarusian territories in the XX century, the journey to the village of Liberty Galoshava Tolochinsky district also review letters of listeners in the program "Mailbox 111 ".
22-hours and the air of Freedom and the Web.

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