Guest night air — restorer Vladimir Rakytskyy

Now the program "Freedom Night" after 22 hours and the last play of the scientific manager restoration Saint Euphrosyne Church in Polotsk Vladimir Rakytskyy. He left his job at a symbol protest configuration concept of restoration.
In research papers — the Belarusian army. In the midst of the rest of it renounces tarpaulin boots and puttees. People respond to the question: "What is your strongest memory from the army?".
Maxim Zhbankova sound film festival, "Siege" Belarusian web, in "record" Alexander Pamidorau — about the festival "Rock Coronation", and "Night Primer" — Poems Mikhalin Emel’janovoj.
After 23 minutes — record answers to questions Anatoly Lebedko visitors to our website, "Belarusian Atlyantyda.» Without bar erav" — Belarusian world outside Belarus. Also traveling to Ivyanets Yegor Maerchyka and review letters on "Freedom" in "Mailbox 111 ".

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