Guest on Freedom — Anatoly Lebedko

He is 46 years old. With Junior. Has two higher education: graduated from the Faculty of History and French Minsk Pedagogical Institute, and Law Faculty of Belarusian Municipal Institute. Deputy Supreme Soviets XII and XIII convocations. One of the initiators of the impeachment trial (1996). Since 2000 — Chairman Joint civilian party. For his role in political activities more than once brought to justice. Married, has a son.
Here is what he says about the current conflict between democratic favorites:
— Segodnyaschy situation such as Milinkevich and Lebedko and Kalyakin and Vyachorka, and all those who call, call, write to Radio Liberty, — we are all chained together. With us next drover, and his name Alexander Lukashenko. And if we will realize that all remain together. Not only holding chain and hands each other.
Pieces of the conversation you hear in tomorrow evening air.

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