He has a female name — photo exhibition

"He has a female name" — is the first exhibition in Belarus, which addresses the topic of same-sex seven» phenomena. That outlook 1st of café "London" about the shooting Andrei Lyankevich:
Guest: "Diverse provocation, but I, as a guest, it’s nice to create photos here. Especially since, here, moreover, that the theme of diverse, Andrew used medium format film. It is evident that for him it is twice the experience. "
Photos are located on the walls of the cafe "London". When you come, the photo at first look as well as part of the inter» career. In pictures — two young women and the girl 8-10 years. Andrew himself Liankevich says that many people find it just fool:
Liankevich: "A friend of mine, very close, wrote me a letter, they say, thanks for the invitation, but did not come. Allegedly, and so the country is not normal and there is still promoting such relations."
Andrei Liankevich says that working more than one year over his reportage solved some artistic problems, but has photoshoot first social value:
Liankevich: "In the photo there is only one kiss. And he tucked in the corner, and hardly noticeable. Here the story of one ordinary family and». I know many people precarious sexy attitude. I know how many of them. I know them everywhere: from the Belarusian television, the presidential administration, and ending with my close friends with rock bands. "
Waiter cafe "London" once a day to build the reaction of guests to the exhibition "He has a female name":
Waiter: "Some people like it, some do not. Notwhich they say, that some absurd. All vague, nothing is clear. "
Reporter: "And someone praises?"
Waiter: "Not enough."
Before an exhibition Andrei Liankevich situated on one of the pictures online resources:
Liankevich: "About 90 per cent of comments were dramatically bad, they say, it’s dirty, you can not look at it. Though the funny thing is, those pictures on the website, there was not that the kiss was not there, where people keep each other hand. The very name of "lesbian" provoke people that is disgusting. "
I called one of the heroines photo essay to ask whether hard venture for a role in a photo project:
Woman: "I do not think that we had a hard time to take this step. Andrei Liankevich offered us to make such an exhibition. I think, that photo came out just superskimi. That’s all. "
Yet, asked my companion and Andrew Liankevich, and Radio Liberty does not call families — his own and other people in the pictures.
In pictures: photos on the wall of the cafe "London", photographer Andrew Liankevich the coffee shop.

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