Heart crowded such uzrushanastsyu thanks and book Alexander Lukashuk, and so heartbroken, which says that it was in the early 20-ies

Man: "I want to express my worldview. Once a week is required to hold a conversation about the life of ordinary people in comparison with the nomenclature and bureaucrats. Wages, pensions, and so getting home. Also associate food prices, public transportation, utilities, etc. in Belarus and in Germany or England as a Western-style standards of living, but not in Poland. This enticed huge audiences and indicate at what level we live. Thank you. "
Ales Chobot, Grodno: "Gentlemen, I must read and repeat again. Read without laughter. Kozulin elect you! Favourite opposition under Lukashenko has to sit in the bullpen. For any Milinkevich nor Vechorko nor, God forbid, communist Kaljakin not fit. In the bullpen sits favorite opposition in Belarus. From him will not be worse, and for you all the advantages. "
Man: "Good morning to you all. Since that’s just finished reading this book, which was written by Alexander Lukashuk. Well, the truth, such uzrushanastsyu heart crowded, and some due to this book, on the one hand, and so heartbroken about which is written in this book, the grief that was in the early 20’s, 1923-23 years. It generally remains forever in my heart, as this book, I would teach the youth to look to the future, not zapamyatyvaya that written by Alexander Lukashuk. thank him very much for this book. And I want to say thanks to God that … I always read descendants and say thanks to the people who has promoted us to survive, and that our future in this book laid. And give all-over health and especially Alexander Lukashuk. So hunt say: "Sasha, bless you, and thank you for you! In this book, when I read more than once tears came running. Good health. "
Man: "Opinion question. Here I was in the Russian army once. In my opinion, now a popular problem of bullying exists in our opposition. In this our harsh opposition there is starasluzhachyya recruits. Starasluzhachyya, in my opinion, by no means wish to recommend, assist, share and, in the end, even to give up, if they are wrong. Could only "banks thrash" as it was in the army. Starasluzhachyya hurt buckles. So we have here so much. Power-chairman of the United Civil Party Liabedzka Communists Kalyakin pochetaemy Vyachorka … No they can not be reconciled, came at the moment and still pochetaemye Kozulin, and our only candidate. But still, I wanted to say, you need to look for understanding. Since it is only available on the hand the authorities. And I would like to see our political commentators "Freedom" could otkommentirovat that this happens and how long it can last. It’s just laughter, not just for the whole country, for whole world . "
Man: "Good day. Want to express their outlook regarding the construction of a temple in honor of Suvorov. Construction of the temple — a necessary thing. But such construction after Suvorov — it izymatelstvo over the Belarusian people. And whoever gave blagaslavenne for this construction, it is — shame ! And let this blagaslavitsel will have a look into the eyes of Euphrosyne of Polotsk, its frescoes. Maybe then it is more deeply understand their purpose in our Belarusian land. Total decent. "
Man: "90 years are under Communist oppression. The greatest catastrophe! At the end we’ll ever get rid of this plague? Who can clear answer? "
Pavel A. Davydenko, r n Parichi "Pochetaemaya" Freedom ", why not pass my words? I reported that I retire our power as Liquidator constantly adds and reduces every month. And when I received a pension on March 3 this power conquered for itself already 41 thousand behold such care of our country. wants you to have transferred all heard cares darn! "
Larissa, Minsk: "What is happening in the country? Very difficult to understand the behavior of law enforcement officials. During the whole year is the pursuit of youth, who wishes any changes. Well, they do not wish to live because we lived. Always we expected when we live for. And waited, that pension is only enough food and medicine to the most cheapest kind. They behold the, because they live next to us and do not wish to be in that position. Listen, maybe you have their attention worthy proposals. "
Man: "Good evening," Freedom. "That listened to review calls. Unfortunately, my, so to say, the song did not get on the air. Apparently, there you have a thin screen that not all passes. And my request, for sure already borders on insolence.’s read, I finished writing here, the next column. I hope will be a song. Listen:
I salute you, Belarus young, And wish you were free, to every corner of my beloved edge Although hope for the best proportion lived.
Uznimaysya our flag in the blue sky and to lead, a light. Match inheritance, perhaps descendants do not need If only country garden, zatsvila.
I welcome yours, Belarus, spillage, this present day vernal. It connects voedinyzhdy more than one generation. Together youth and grizzled uncle. Uznimaysya our flag in the blue sky and to lead, a light.
Maybe. Who joined the struggle for decent writing songs because I advise you to give the air. Arts, as statedcamping, rescue the world. Although I am not an expert in this case, but can … "
Leonid Plis Gomel: "On this week Lukashenko praised his opposition and said: "May God grant each such opposition to the president. And I will sweep away the dust with them." Citizen Alexander Lukashenko, March 25 look of who was crushed to dust. Long live Belarus! "
Victor: "Gentlemen, I wish for you to show how you jammed. On the whole spectrum. Unrealistic listen and Russian Radio Liberty. At the moment I have to show you. (Sound interference) So I gave you for listening. Never heard. Have a nice day. I would have wished your professionals ask why all this happens spectra. Unrealistic listen. Tell me, what is the reason? Either it’s because of the weather? But I think this is due to glushennem. Thank you. Just decent. "

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