Hitherto not clear where the UCP activist Denis Denisov

Denisov: "Everything is ready: toothpaste, warm clothes, sweets, biscuits, sugar, tea. His lenses because very bad eyesight, then you need to pass the solution! But no one reads! Generally nobody wants to talk to me, I written complaint and the prosecutor’s office in the Gomel and Vitebsk prosecutor. What he was detained? Did he offender, unless he killed someone? But me no one reads, in general are not willing to give any infy! "
Friends and relatives imply that Denisov was arrested the criminal case that indicted him Vitebsk prosecutors. The case was initiated after, in Vitebsk presented himself youth movement entitled "Revolt" — in June Last year in the regional center of a huge number of opposition graffiti and leaflets, and youth activist Christine Shatsikava raised over the summer amphitheater white-red-white flag. The Tribunal then fined Shatsikava almost 5 million rubles.
Tatiana Dzyadok girlfriend Denisova, recalls that the police arrested him immediately after trial Christina Shatsikava.
Old man: "When it was proceeding on with Christine, Denis was in the courtroom, and when he came out of the court building, he was arrested. He served for some time, about 3 hours in the chamber, and he was released. Explained to him nothing just checked out his stuff, that’s all. "
Later it became clear that against Denis Denisov and another activist Vitebsk Tatiana opened Spruce criminal case — Tipo riots for the company in a public place — they were handing out leaflets with the words "Join the nonviolent resistance! act in the name of freedom own country! "If Denisova recognize guilty he faces imprisonment for up to 3 years.

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