How is the preparation by March 25? (Refreshed)

Intelligentsia on March 25 should connect civilization»
"Belarus is going through a critical step of their own development. Year marks 16 years of the restoration of its state independence. But on the threshold of adulthood Republic of Belarus civilization remains divided. Millions of citizens and have not felt a spiritual connection with the Belarusian statehood. Political confrontation people laying mines slow action under statist efforts, "wrote creators appeal. "The challenges of the modern world — energy, demographic, environmental, human — directly relate and Belarus. And give an adequate response to these challenges can only be unified civilization." Emblem of national unity, in the views of the creators of the appeal must be specifically day Freedom March 25.
Declarative support all
Online opened a special website Not counting leaflets here call for Minskers positioned at the people who come to the celebration of the regions. According to the organizing committee member, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Ivashkevich already expressed through the web to participate in the rally of about 8 thousand people. In Minsk there were leaflets calling to come to October Square. But not all subjects coalition intensely connected to the preparation, says Viktor Ivashkevich.
"The problem is not that someone made a sticker, but someone else. A problem that create only two subjects — it BPF Milinkevich. A All other they say that they are not capable of it. A declarative support all, except the Communists. "
PKB celebrates, UCP prepares its materials
Party of Communists Belarusian activist Sergey Wozniak said that party members can participate in the action. But not PKB vvyyshla the organizing committee, as the country’s statehood counts of BSSR. For example, the UCP, which comes to the organizing committee, refused to distribute ready-largest circulation of leaflets. Deputy Chairman of the UCP Shynkaryk Igor said:
"We are making our information materials, we do two editions of newspapers. They are about to be. Well there will be calls on the area on the 25th. Because it is from this premise. "
Ivashkevich: "There is no question what the revolution"
Authorities have not given permission for the rally. Already have the first example of confiscation in Minsk militia and KGB 200 thousand leaflets. Hardly authorities immediately make 25th municipal prazdnichkom, says Viktor Ivashkevich:
"The fact that the area will not be cordoned off and that there will be a ramp and Hapuna todayit is very and it is very possible. Since there is no question what the revolution, upholding the election results, and people gather, express their positions and go home. Here is the background of these appeals about the dialogue, the authorities likely, not go to the power options. "
Milinkevich invited 200 European politicians
Alexander Milinkevich sent 200 invitations to European politicians, parliamentarians come to Minsk on Freedom day. Such invitations, for example, focused Lech Walesa, Vaclav Havel, the leaders of the factions of the European Parliament, says analyst Ales Lahvinets:
"This goes for appeal to the Emperor Van der Linden, when the emperor Milinkevich invited him to come to Belarus and himself as the government wants to make sure the dialogue inside the society. Yesterday, incidentally, has already had an answer vice chairman of Euro Parliament Mario Mauro, who expressed his desire to go in Belarus. "
The leaflets placed until March 25 to demand management Belarus to fulfill the conditions of the European Union. Among them First — the release of political prisoners, freedom of speech and demonstrations.
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